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  • 301 redirect to an existing page
    Eduardo López    —       —    Question

    Hi everyone! Someone of you knows how to force to remove the .aspx extension? My problem is that right now my site could enter as sitename/pagename and sitename/pagename.aspx, but that duplicates t...

  • 301 redirect
    CIaudio Stn    —       —    Question

    Hi, I need to set a permanent redirect from an alias like: /some-url/{some-parameter}#some-hash to /some-url/{some-parameter}/{some-hash}there is any way to do this on Kentico?

  • 301 Redirects
    Joel Dahlin    —       —    Question

    I am working on moving a site onto Kentico from php. I am looking for recommendations in how to setup 301 redirects from the legacy urls to their new should have a 301...