• Is it possible to integrate TalentLMS with Kentico CMS?
    Question May 4, 2022
    Is it possible to integrate the TalentLMS or any other LMS with Kentico 13 CMS? I am trying to utilize the integration here so that user can have both LMS and CMS as a part of their project. Does anyone have any tips on how to do this or at least the integration process?

  • New Content modeling guide is here to help
    Article Feb 10, 2022
    Every excellent website experience starts with great content. And every successful website project has, at its roots, a team of happy content editors. Editors who're rather battling for their visitors' attention instead of struggling with managing, editing, or updating their ...

  • Path value of a page type dynamically in a Document Helper Query
    Question Apr 29, 2022
    How do I get the Path value of a page type dynamically in a Document Helper Query, using Xperience 13? See my codes below: return (List )DocumentHelper.GetDocuments () .OnCurrentSite() .OrderBy("NodeOrder", "NodeLevel") ...

  • WorkFlowGUID null?
    Question Apr 28, 2021
    I have setup an empty MVC site in my Kentico 12SP CMS, but whenever I attempt to add a page I receive this error: An error occurred while attempting to retrieve page templates. Contact your system administrator and check that the page builder feature is registered correctly i...

  • What happened to the forms module?
    Question Jun 4, 2021
    What happen to all the features of the forms module? No custom layouts or anything? In Kentico 13 are we supposed to develop any sort of advanced form in the site app and not through the admin?

  • Smart Search
    Question Oct 15, 2021
    Hi, We keep getting errors about Smart search every morning from 4am.(message detail showing below. Our DBS is out, is it something needs to be done in the database? Kentico 9 Portal Engine. Message: Index locked for write: CMS.Search.Lucene3.SearchLock Exception type: Luce...

  • Kentico Smart Search - Making older articles less relevant
    Question Oct 8, 2021
    I see lots of options for filtering the smart search results by date, but I am wondering how do make older articles less relevant so the newer ones show up. Say articles older then a year are not as important.

  • How to Migrate from .NET MVC 5 to .NET Core for Kentico Xperience
    Article Aug 30, 2021
    .NET Core and .NET 5 have been available for some time now and .NET 6 will be released any month now. However, the majority of existing Kentico Xperience MVC sites previous to version 13 were created in .NET MVC 5. This situation is especially true for Kentico 11 and Kentico ...

  • Getting List of custom table field names
    Question Mar 17, 2021
    Hi there, just a quick question. I am trying to input excel data into Kentico custom table based on the fields which are already there to save me extending the model every time they change the excel file. For that, I am trying to get a list of all field names of a custom tab...

  • Kentico 13 - Validation rules for built-in form fields
    Question Mar 26, 2021
    Hi, I have a contact form with name, email, and message fields, all set as required. If no data is entered in any of these fields I get the message "Please enter a value." for each of them. I need to customize the message for each of them. Tried to do it through validation ...

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