• FullCalendar MVC Widget on kentico 12 MVC site
    Question Apr 13, 2022
    Hi, I would like to get some assistance to setup fullcalendar on my website. I have the following issues. Configure routing for widget Register dependency injection Setup predefined calendars any help will be much appreciated. Regards, Geo

  • MVC Page Transformations
    Question Jul 1, 2022
    I have created a couple of transformations for different page types and in my view I need to display the proper transformation based on the page type. How do I accomplish this in .NET MVC?

  • MVC multiple sites issue
    Question Apr 26, 2022
    I am testing out a multi-site setup with an existing Kentico 12.0.92 installation, but I'm having trouble with the MVC site not picking up the correct site. I want to use the existing admin and presentation sites with the same code base but with new domains. So I went through ...

  • Kentico 12 MVC Search
    Question Jun 9, 2021
    Hi, How can we include pagebuilder page content(widget content) in search result? I am using Kentico version v12.0.97 and local index Regards, Geo

  • MVC external authentication
    Question May 21, 2021
    I'm working on moving one of our sites to MVC (Kentico 12). One area of the site is secured for members only so I'm implementing authentication against the external application that stores our user data. I've been referring to https://docs.xperience.io/k12sp/managing-users/u...

  • Nesting widgets in MVC
    Question Dec 19, 2022
    Hello We have a requirement in K13 MVC .NET framework for an editable nested accordion. This would be best achieved for editors by nesting widget areas. In the following post Trevor Fayas says that K13 does not support this by default: https://devnet.kentico.com/questions/n...

  • MVC nested content
    Question Feb 19, 2021
    I'm sure this is a basic question, but as someone moving from Portal to MVC I have no idea how to do something like this. Anyway, I have a page type called Story, and a page type called slide that lives below it. I am able to get the view for my story to work (we're building ...

  • .net core mvc question
    Question Jun 22, 2021
    very basic question, Just trying to fully understand what I am doing. I'm my viewmodel I have these 2 lines var documents = await departmentDocumentsRepository.GetDocumentsAsync(nodeAliasPath); var documentsModel = documents.Select(departmentDocumment => DepartmentDo...

  • Security Checklist Kentico 12 MVC
    Question Apr 28, 2021
    Hi, Do you have any security checklist for Kentico 12 MVC Site deployment (v12.0.93) ? Regards, Geo

  • MVC emails getting stuck in queue
    Question Mar 29, 2021
    As we have brought a number of our sites over to MVC (K12 SP) have noticed some odd behavior with emails. The vast majority of emails (95%) go through fine but the rest get stuck in the queue and do not go out unless they are manually resent. Even though the system should be a...

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