• Favicon
    Question Mar 21, 2014
    how can I have different favicons for different sites in the Azure?

  • Site favicon
    Question Nov 21, 2018
    Hello friends, I am using 8.1 Kentico CMS. Problem: How can I add a custom favicon? or How can I replace a default favicon in kentico CMS 8.1 version. I am new here, please try to explain stepwise. Thanks a lot.

  • change favicon
    Question Apr 27, 2015
    I am trying to change the favicon. I replaced the default Kentico icon with my own 32x32 icon of the same name. I then cleared my internet browser's cache, and reset the website through IIS. Am I missing a step? The icon still displays as kentico icon.

  • How to change "favicon" image?
    Question Mar 29, 2016
    hi all, How i can change "default kentico favicon" image?

  • How to change "favicon" image?
    Question Apr 12, 2016
    How to change "favicon" image?

  • Replacing default favicon
    Question Sep 30, 2016
    Hi, Is there any way to replace Kentico's default favicon from the app? Or is this a case where it can only be done via server? I'm also getting error messages saying I cannot upload a .ico file to the media library. How can this be? Thanks, Shawn

  • Kentico 9 : Custom favicon per site
    Question May 23, 2016
    Hi, I'm trying to configurate a favicon on my site. But I can't replace favicon as default in PortalTemplate.Please help me :)

  • How do I remove favicon link from source of the web page?
    Question Jul 27, 2009
    How do I remove favicon link from source of the web page?

  • favicon
    Forum Post Aug 19, 2010
    how can i changed the favicon of my site ? is there anyone way ?

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