• Marketing automation - missing tab
    Question Jul 15, 2015
    In a relatively fresh install of Kentico I've added a custom automation action to the code base. I've now gone into the admin UI to register this custom action and have found that the Marketing automation module is missing the Actions tab. I'm logged in as Global administrator...

  • Staging slow or not loading [UniGrid] : Error during reloading data.
    Question Jul 16, 2015
    Hey everyone, this issue started recently for me, and I'm not sure if it's kentico or something else. When I go to the staging application on my production server, the loading animation will go for about 10 minutes and sometimes result in an error message Error [UniGrid] : Er...

  • Kentico 9 MVC - stand alone application roadmap
    Question Jan 7, 2016
    Hi We have started using stand alone MVC pointed at Kentico 9 admin. Works very well, thank you. My question is, can you provide a list of features that are available via the integration package, and what is not available? Also, a road map for planned future feature availa...

  • Sharing Content (files, videos, audio, images) across Kentico Instances
    Question Feb 5, 2016
    I am investigating the best way to share content across websites in Kentico. Some sites could be in the same instance whereas others may not. I was wondering what is best practice for sharing content like media across Kentico Instances as well as across kentico websites in th...

  • How to change Event Time to local time in Event Log application?
    Question Dec 5, 2016
    Hi there, Can anyone help me on how to change event time in Event Log to local time. Having said that, I did change server and site time zones to local in Settings -> System but still couldnt see the change in Event Log. Any help is highly appreciated Thanks Gopala

  • Rebuilding smart search indexex
    Question Mar 9, 2017
    Hi all, I am attempting to rebuild some of my smart indexes. The search was broken on my site and I haven't found a way to fix it so I figured re-building the indexes would be a good place to start. The process tasks has a bunch of tasks in the smart-search Tasks module but i...

  • Kentico 10 MVC, IISExpress
    Question Aug 21, 2017
    Hello Every one. We are moving from Kentico 8 (ASPX Template) to Kentico 10 MVC for our new project. The deploy target is Azure Env. with a deployement of the CMS at the root and MVC site as a Sub WebApplication folder. We setup blank MVC from Kentico Installer. Open Solut...

  • Email marketing send campaigns parallel
    Question Nov 10, 2017
    Hello I'm having difficulties sending e-mail campaigns. I've created a custom Email provider, using the Sendgrid API. The problem is, when sending, there are > 200 campaigns scheduled, every one with a few differences (logo, address...) The total users receiving the campaig...

  • Can we deploy kentico application in google cloud ??
    Question Nov 6, 2017
    Can we deploy kentico application in google cloud with media library integration ????

  • Kentico Hosting for website?
    Question Aug 6, 2015
    Hello, I try to find hosting company to use kentico app for my website as find... Thanks all.

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