New Hotfix 6.0.20 (build no. 4444) Released

The new hotfix package was released and it is available for download. You can find the hotfix packages in the Bugtracker section (the orange box on the right). Instructions are included, please read carefully.
Note: hotfix packages for version 6 are now delivered as one exe file for all .Net versions (3.5, 4.0). Moreover, you can use the Kentico Installation Manager tool to download and apply the hotfix (using the Upgrade/Hotfix or Check buttons).

Bugs fixed in hotfix 6.0.20 (build no. 4444):
• Object versioning - The value of the "All data" checkbox in the object version comparison dialog wasn't carried over correctly after using the Rollback action.
• Object versioning - An exception occurred in special cases when managing an object's versions on its "Versions" tab.
• URL rewriting - The "Redirect invalid case URLs to their correct versions" setting didn't work in certain cases when using the Turkish culture.
• Web parts & Controls - The "Repeater with effect" web part didn't render the effect envelope (Content before/after) in special cases.
• Web parts & Controls - The "CSS list menu" web part didn't sort documents in the correct order when multiple document types were defined.
• Web parts & Controls - Changing the width and height of an image in the "Editable image" selector didn't work after an image was selected and saved.
• Dialogs - The settings used for resizing images in the Media selection dialog were incorrectly hidden.
• Form engine - The "Drop-down list" form control didn't load items with empty value or text fields in the Options definition.
• Widgets - Widgets for editors couldn't be edited if an incorrect value was entered into certain properties.
• Form engine - It was possible to change the attribute type of system attributes in the field editor.
E-commerce - An error occurred when editing order item properties if the session state was set to StateServer.
•  E-commerce - It wasn't possible to use macros to get values from OrderCustomData property of OrderInfo and from OrderItemCustomData property of OrderItemInfo.
• External utilities - There was an unresolved resource string in the installation dialog when using the Turkish culture (web installer, KIM etc.).
• Updating the binary data of attachments and meta files didn't work in special cases.
• Virtual objects stored in the file system with special characters in their name were displayed incorrectly in some cases due to encoding issues.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 6.0.19 (build no. 4437):
• Contact management - The mass delete action for contacts was optimized to improve performance.
• Contact management - The "Add stamp" button on the contact/account edit page didn't work if the "Notes stamp format" setting contained a single quote character.
• Contact management - Splitting merged contacts didn't work in some cases.
• Scoring - Notification e-mail address setting didn't allow multiple e-mail addresses.
• Subscriptions - When managing users, the "Subscription" tab displayed only subscriptions related to the current site (authorized users can now select other sites).
• Membership - The site selector on the "Languages" tab of the user management interface had an incorrect initial value.
• URL rewriting - The Require SSL status of pages wasn't recognized correctly in special cases.
• URL rewriting - Automatic loading of the site culture according to the browser settings of new visitors didn't work properly.
• URL rewriting - The Document URL path couldn't be set to "/" if the "CMSLimitUrlReplacements" key was enabled.
• Localization - Display names of objects weren't localized in certain places.
• Polls - The "Modify" permission was checked incorrectly for editing polls on the Sites tab.
• MVT - An exception occurred when adding a new web part to a zone variant under specific circumstances.
• Web parts and controls - The "Enabled" property of the "Editable region" control didn't work correctly.
• REST- The 404 status was returned instead of an empty xml when an empty data set was returned as the result of a document REST query.
• REST - There was an inconsistency in the result format between REST document queries with and without the "classnames" parameter.
• REST - The "coupleddata" parameter didn't work correctly in combination with the "classnames" parameter in REST document queries.
• REST - Update REST requests for documents didn't work correctly after applying Hotfix 18.
• REST - Delete REST requests for documents always deleted the default culture version.
• Macros - The K# autocompletion help displayed an incorrect number of parameters for methods from the "Transfromation" and "Math" namespaces.
• API examples - Some required properties weren't set when creating product options using the API examples.
• Categories - Entering Greek special characters into the display name of a category caused incorrect behavior.
• On-line forms - Fields weren't validated if there wasn't a validation message label in the custom form layout.
• Code editor - If syntax highlighting was disabled, the text area control didn't remember the current cursor position and rendered the autocompletion script even though it wasn't used.
• Macros - The "CMSContext.Current.Documents.WithAllData" collection didn't include coupled data when returning documents.
• MVC - Added a fix for the RedirectToAction bug in ASP.NET MVC. It is now recommended to inherit your MVC controllers from the CMSController class. See for details.
• New feature: Contact Management - Web crawlers are no longer logged as contacts. The CMSEnableContactBots web.config key may be used to enable this behavior.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 6.0.18 (build no. 4430):
• Scheduled tasks - The "Clean e-mail queue" task didn't work properly for websites with default content cultures different than English - United states.
• Contact management - Unnecessary information was displayed to global administrators when editing a contact merged with a global contact in CMS Desk if the "Allow global contacts" setting was disabled.
• Contact management - New users registered via the "Custom registration form" web part had activity logging disabled.
• Contact management (Activities) - Loading the activity list of a contact was inefficient (performance now optimized).
• On-line forms - Macros entered as values into form fields were incorrectly resolved in notification and confirmation e-mails.
• Message boards - The Board name filter above board lists didn't work correctly.
• Localization - The Culture name value of content cultures wasn't localized correctly in several places.
• URL rewriting - The Custom URL paths of documents weren't processed correctly if language prefixes for URLs were enabled.
• UI personalization - Permissions weren't checked correctly for some UI elements of the E-commerce module.
• Code editor  - Selecting text didn't work correctly in some cases.
• Document recycle bin - The "Destroy document" permission wasn't checked correctly when performing bulk actions.
• E-commerce - Global departments were offered in filters even if they were not allowed.
• Smart search - Searching in attachments sometimes caused an unhandled exception if a permission check was required.
• Form engine - Option definitions of form fields (Radio buttons, Multiple choice fields etc.) didn't work correctly if the first character was the "less than" symbol (<).
• Form controls - The "Text filter" control caused an exception if the "less than" (<) or "greater than" (>) operators were used.
• Notifications - Macros weren't resolved correctly in notification templates.
• Media dialogs - Files weren't loaded from folders with special characters in their name on the Media library tab.
WYSIWYG editor - The toolbar wasn't fixed to the top of the page when using scroll bars.
• WYSIWYG editor - A JavaScript error occurred after pressing CTRL + S when editing a HTML area in the web part or widget properties dialog.
• REST - XML requests for creating objects via the REST service were incorrectly case-sensitive.
• REST - Document query requests in RSS/Atom format containing documents of various document types returned documents of only one document type.
• HTML5 page headers contained an invalid meta element.
• Culture settings weren't correctly passed to worker threads in some situations.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 6.0.17 (build no. 4423):
• REST - Retrieving bindings and child objects using the REST service didn't work correctly for objects with multiple TypeInfos.
• REST - There was an inconsistency between multiple object retrieval requests and single object retrieval requests.
• Form controls - The "Toggle button" form control caused rendering issues in some cases.
• Form controls - The "Password with confirmation" form control didn't reflect the selection made in the "Show password strength" property.
• Form controls - The filter properties of the "Text box" and "Text area" form control behaved incorrectly in some cases.
• Output filter - Relative URLs containing single quotes weren't resolved correctly by the output filter.
• File import - The import UI was hidden if the Silverlight plug-in wasn't installed in the browser.
• Web analytics - Conversion values weren't logged correctly in certain cases.
• Web analytics - The "Excluded file extensions" setting wasn't properly taken into account when logging file downloads.
• Registration - The user e-mail address entered for the "Custom registration form" web part wasn't resolved in the welcome e-mail.
• Contact Management - Object dependencies were set incorrectly for contacts.
• Abuse report - The report title disappeared after it was saved.
• Macros - Nested macros didn't work properly in the "Page title format" setting.
• Windows Azure - The "Prepare for import" action didn't work correctly for files in media libraries. 
• E-commerce - It wasn't possible to delete customers that had a shopping cart assigned.
• Installation - It was impossible to install certain database objects if a case sensitive collation was set as the default collation on the SQL server.
• UI Data export - Performance was optimized for exporting a very large number of records (100k+ rows). 
• WebDAV editing - The "Edit in client application" button was incorrectly enabled for attachments of checked in documents under workflow.
• Loading the binary data of objects caused issues if they were stored only in the file system.
Bugs fixed in hotfix 6.0.16 (build no. 4416):
• URL rewriting - The "Redirect to main extension" setting caused a Page not found error in special cases.
• Contact management - Indexes were missing for certain contact management database tables (performance was optimized).
• Forms - It wasn't possible to disable the sending of autoresponder e-mails.
• Permissions - The names and descriptions of permissions created for new document types and custom tables were saved according to the current user's UI culture rather than as localization expressions.
• Scheduled tasks - The Assembly and Class name of the "Content synchronization" task was obsolete after upgrading to version 6.0 using KIM.
• Documents - Preview links weren't generated correctly for "CMS.File" documents.
• Attachments - The binary data was lost if the metadata of an attachment was edited for a document under workflow.
• Output caching - Files weren't locked by the file system output cache, so multiple threads could collide when accessing a file.
• Newsletters - Newsletter e-mails were also sent to contacts merged with the contacts in the subscribed contact group.
• AD Import - Maximum field length wasn't checked during the import, which lead to an exception in some cases.
• Categories - The Categories UI didn't work correctly after creating a new category.
• Membership - Having a global role with the same code name as a site-specific role caused role selectors to behave incorrectly in some cases.
• WYSIWYG editor - In some cases, the editor panel wasn't loaded on the Form tab when using Internet Explorer 8 on Windows XP.
• A JavaScript error sometimes occurred in forms in Firefox 3.6.
• Some of the advanced filters above grids didn't work properly in Internet Explorer.
• New feature: It is now possible to specify that a macro expression should not have a security signature added automatically. This is done by adding the '@' character to the end of the macro, e.g. { % CurrentDocument.DocumentName @%} (without any space between '{' and '%'). Such macros do not take up more characters than the visible length (useful for fields with a limited size) and are evaluated according to the permissions of a public user.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 6.0.15 (build no. 4409):
• REST - Bad request errors are now logged to the event log.
• REST - The encoding used for multiple object retrieval requests ignored the Accept-Charset header of the request.
• Web parts & Controls - The "Universal pager" (UniPager) didn't work together with the "Repeater with custom query" (QueryRepeater) when using post back paging mode.
• Booking system - Event registration was allowed even if the Event capacity was 0 and Allow registration over capacity was disabled.
• Code editor - Syntax highlighting didn't work properly for @ definitions in CSS code.
• Contact management - The "Landing page" activity was logged repeatedly when requesting attachments.
• Contact management - The Delete action was incorrectly visible in the "Activities" widget.
• Contact management - A trailing ellipsis wasn't added if the title (or URL) of an activity exceeded the maximum allowed length.
• E-mail engine - Metafile images weren't displayed in e-mails if they were sent in a separate thread.
• Macros - The auto completion function didn't work properly in the IE8 browser.
• Field editor - The Ctrl+S shortcut didn't work after clicking the "Display attribute in the editing form" option in IE9.
• Portal engine - Using the page template selector incorrectly required permissions for the "Design" UI element.
• Windows Azure - Hashed links to media library files were bound to the currently active user (they are now generated without user-specific data).
• Media library - The "Media gallery" web part always uploaded files into the root of the media library.
• Caching - Serialization exceptions were generated if the "Cache output in file system" setting was enabled.
• Staging - Resource strings couldn't be manually synchronized in the staging UI.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 6.0.14 (build no. 4402):
• User contributions - Editing a document that had a hidden field with WYSIWYG editor support caused an error in some cases.
• Settings - The "Inherit from global settings" checkbox didn't work correctly when the value contained a signed macro.
• Transformations - Unwanted new line characters were added between listed transformation items in special cases. 
• REST - Low level objects didn't properly track their changed state.
• Media library - Image resizing of uploaded images incorrectly maintained the aspect ratio even if both the width and height was specified.
• Security - Expired links in password reset confirmation e-mails were generated with an incorrect URL.
• Contact management (activities) - The "Landing page" activity was logged even in CMS Desk (caused by hotfix 6.0.13).
• UI cultures - Deleted UI cultures remained in the "Preferred user interface culture" setting of users.
• Web parts - The "Mobile device redirection" web part's "Other small/large device (User agent)" properties were case sensitive.
• Web parts - When used together with the "Documents data source" web part, the "Basic data list" web part (and other basic data viewers) used the wrong transformation after a postback.
• Dialogs - The Insert link dialog encoded link text twice for characters with diacritics.
• Dialogs - The Attachments tab was missing in the Media selection dialog.
• Booking system - Exporting event attendees from the list page didn't work correctly.
• Object versioning - "Report" objects restored from the Object recycle bin didn't work correctly.
• Object versioning - The versioning UI was missing for Alternative forms under system tables.
• Macros - DateTime values in macros ignored the "|(culture)" parameter.
• Staging - The allowed child classes and parent classes of document types weren't synchronized correctly.
• Staging - Synchronization of page templates didn't work correctly if the Online Marketing module wasn't installed.
• Web analytics - Visitors weren't logged correctly in certain cases.
• Documents - The "File uploader" form control couldn't be used to delete document attachments.
• Object versioning - Users with forum favorites couldn't be restored from the object recycle bin.
• Reporting - The values shown in the "New posts" forum reports were incorrect in some cases.
• There were errors in the design of the document properties dialog in CMS Desk when viewed in Internet Explorer.
• Changes made in external checked out files (e.g. page template layouts) weren't reflected in the CMS.
Bugs fixed in hotfix 6.0.13 (build no. 4395):
• REST - Site bindings weren't automatically created when adding site-specific objects with an M:N site binding.
• REST - Updating cms.attachment objects without specifying the binary data caused an exception.
• REST (new functionality) - Support for various types of response encoding was added.
• Booking system - All day events added to Outlook had the wrong event date when time zones were enabled and notification e-mails also displayed an incorrect event date.
• Staging - The default queries of custom tables weren't synchronized correctly.
• Localization - The field localization button was visible on the live site when editing a category.
• Localization - The localization textbox displayed an exception if the default UI culture code was in upper case.
• Language prefixes - URL paths starting with the same prefix as the requested culture weren't processed correctly.
• Scheduler - Tasks with an hour long scheduling interval allowed a later start time than end time.
• Contact management (activities) - Downloads of files (cms.file documents) weren't logged as a page visit activity.
• Contact management (activities) - Activities weren't logged when using full page (output) cache.
• Contact management (activities) - The "Content rating" activity didn't have the name of the associated document in its title.
• Web analytics - Partially downloaded files were incorrectly logged as multiple events.
• Web analytics - Page views weren't logged when using full page cache.
• Polls - The wrong modify permission was checked on the Security page of the poll management interface.
• Media library - If an error occurred while creating a media library folder, no record was created in the database.
• Media library - The media library tree didn't expand the location of the selected file.
• Media library - If a selected file was removed from the media library and no new selection was made, it was still possible to use move/copy bulk actions.
• Web parts - The "Sign out button" web part generated incorrect redirection URLs in special cases.
• Dialogs - The image selection dialog was opened in a very small window from the "Editable image" web part in IE9.
• Import - Importing a blank site failed due to queries with untranslated class foreign keys.
• Forms - BasicForm.Data wasn't updated after a file was uploaded to a form.
• UI Cultures - Editing a resource string in a non-default UI culture caused an exception in some cases.
• CSS stylesheets - A site's CSS stylesheets couldn't be edited from the site details dialog in special cases.
• Dialogs - Uploaded files/images were always uploaded into the English culture in the media selection dialog.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 6.0.12 (build no. 4387):
• Queries - Renaming a query under a Document type, Custom table or System table and then creating another one with the original code name caused an exception.
• Transformations - The resource string used for the selection of jQuery type transformations was missing.
• Macros - Context macros weren't resolved correctly in the Page title property of documents (Document Properties -> Metadata -> Page title).
• Macros - The "GetDocumentUrl" macro method required parameters which should have been passed automatically.
• Categories - The code names of global categories weren't properly checked for uniqueness during the import process.
• Dialogs - The display names of document types weren't localized in dialogs.
• Dialogs - The content tree in the Link selection dialog contained documents from the wrong culture in some cases.
• Media library - The media selector didn't expand the selected path correctly if the selected folder was deeper than the first level.
• Contact management (Activities) - The "Activity value" field used for custom activities wasn't displayed in the activity detail dialog.
• Staging - Queries under container document types weren't synchronized correctly.
• Staging - The synchronization process created object versions in the context of a public user.
• Form controls - The "Field selector" form control didn't work correctly when used multiple times in the same form.
• Windows Azure - Support for storage CDN didn't work properly.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 6.0.11 (build no. 4377):
• Document categories - Adding categories didn't work in special cases.
• Staging - Synchronizing folder actions in a community group media library caused an error.
• Web parts - An error occurred in the web part properties dialog if a conversion selector was filled with data under an insufficient license.
• Web parts - The "CSS list menu" web part didn't work correctly when two or more document types were defined together with a where condition.
• Form controls - The filter settings of the "Text box" control didn't work correctly.
• Contact management - An excessive amount of create/update events were logged in the event log for contact management objects.
• Contact management (Activities) - In special cases, logging activities failed due to limited text length in the database.
• URLs - The Document URL path wasn't generated correctly if the document name contained the colon character (":").
• Web parts - Macros weren't resolved in the specific properties of Layout web parts.
• WYSIWYG editor - The CTRL + S shortcut didn't save the content when in source mode.
• Media library - Managing file thumbnails on the live site didn't work correctly for media libraries under community groups.
• Notifications - "Document created" notification wasn't sent if the document used versioning without workflow. "Document deleted" notification wasn't sent if the document was checked out.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 6.0.10 (build no. 4371):
• REST - Users were unable to authenticate using forms authentication in the REST service.
• REST - Disabling the service on one site caused the service to be disabled on other sites as well.
• Import toolkit - When importing from CSV files, quotation marks prevented the data from being loaded properly in specific cases.
• AD Import - It was possible to bind an AD attribute to the UserName field of User objects (this is no longer the case).
• Settings - The "Service enabled for" setting in the Integration -> Rest category wasn't disabled/enabled correctly when the value of the "Inherit from global settings" checkbox was changed.
• Contact management - Sorting didn't work properly for some columns in contact management object listings.
• Contact management - Adding multiple users to a contact didn't work correctly for merged contacts.
• Contact management - The mass delete action didn't work correctly for certain amounts of contacts/accounts.
• Contact management (Activities) - The "Internal search" activity was logged twice for searches performed by the "SQL search dialog" web part in special cases.
• Import/Export - Media physical files and forums posts under community groups weren't imported correctly.
• Import/Export - Thumbnails of media library files weren't imported and exported correctly.
• Email engine - An exception sometimes occurred during e-mail sendout if the SMTP server wasn't functional.
• Newsletters - Bounced e-mail checking didn't work properly with the Ultimate license.
• Document library - The attachment icon wasn't properly refreshed after updating attached content in the "Document library" web part.
• Localization - The form control property "Watermark text" suggested incorrect resource string keys.
• Localization - The localization button panel was visible on the live site under certain conditions.
• Event handlers - New event handlers weren't disabled according to the TreeProvider.UseCustomHandlers property.
• Group polls - Live site management didn't work properly in certain cases.
• Content - The "Save" action didn't work in a specific environment (IE8 browser on Windows XP).
• License checking didn't work correctly in certain places.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 6.0.9 (build no. 4365):
• Campaigns - The campaign selector incorrectly offered campaigns from all sites.
 Blogs - The Blog month documents which are created automatically with Blog post documents weren't published by default when using versioning.
• REST Service - Hash authentication failed when the URL contained a WHERE condition parameter with encoded special characters.
• REST Service - Direct access to RESTService.svc was incorrectly allowed (direct access caused only the global settings of the service to be reflected).
• Web parts - Web part client IDs weren't stored correctly in the Turkish culture.
• Smart search - Searching for decimal numbers didn't work correctly. You have to rebuild your indexes if you are using filtering based on decimal values for smart search results.
• E-commerce - An error occurred during VolumeDiscountInfo serialization in special cases.
• CSS stylesheets - Image addresses in stylesheets weren't resolved correctly when combining SSL and non SSL URLs.
• Groups - The "Group registration" web part didn't save the tag group correctly if there was already another tag group with the same code name in the database.
 Files - If the size of a requested file was smaller than or equal to the value of the "Maximum file size to cache" setting and "Store files in database" was enabled, files were corrupted on consecutive requests.
• Scoring - Scoring results (score values for contacts couldn't be exported to Excel.
• Field Editor - Certain form controls weren't validated by their "Regular expression" and "Min/Max length" properties.
 Maps - Latitude and longitude fields weren't properly rendered if the server culture was different than English.
• LINQ - Some TreeNode properties weren't properly mapped to database columns.
 Hotfix - There was a file missing in a previous hotfix causing a build failure.
• Hotfix - The hotfix script failed if an unregistered UI culture was set as the default culture in the web.config file.
• Macros (API) - The ContextResolver didn't prioritize explicitly set CurrentUser and CurrentSite properties while resolving context macros.
• The transformation selector didn't allow selection from custom tables.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 6.0.8 (build no. 4357):
• Contact management - Multiple contact/account mass delete actions running at the same time resulted in an error in some cases.
• Contact Management - Contact and account statuses were loaded improperly in contact and account list filters.
• Contact management - The Activity details page displayed an incorrect text and label for the forum post activity.
• Workflow - There was no custom event handler for the document Archive action (now added).
• Layout web parts - Resizing zones by dragging their borders didn't work properly in the Chrome browser.
 Layout web parts - The "Display to roles" property of layout web parts was incorrectly reflected by the web part header on the Design tab.
• Routing - It wasn't possible to set a unique Route type URL path for specific culture versions of a document.
• Localization - The descriptions for web part properties didn't store changes after being saved.
• Windows Azure - Data wasn't synchronized between instances properly if the application ran in Full IIS mode.
• Windows Azure - The export action caused a time out exception.
• Installation - Several issues were fixed in KIM.
 Installation - An error occurred during the database installation if a Turkish collation was used on the server.
• Form engine - Only boolean and string type fields accepted macros.
• Documents - When copying/moving documents from one site to another, permissions weren't checked properly in specials cases.
• Macros - If a custom method was registered with "object" type parameters, then it was shown twice in the Auto completion hints.
• Scoring - Rules for forum activities couldn't be saved if the "ad-hoc forum" option was selected.
• WYSIWYG editor - The editor content wasn't preserved after a postback on the page.
• Code editor - The Tab key only added a single space indentation in Internet Explorer.
• Web parts - The "Custom registration form" didn't work property in special cases.
• Web parts - Inherited content wasn't displayed by the "Editable text" web part on the Page tab when the property "InheritContent=true" was set for the master page.
• Web parts - If the "Repeater" web part was used together with a "Documents data source" and "Document filter", it was incorrectly hidden after the filter was applied in certain cases.
• Web parts - The "Add new" button of the "Repeater" web part was hidden if a "Selected Item" transformation wasn't set.
• Document types - All changes weren't distributed properly to inherited document types if the parent was updated.
 Validation - The CSS validator and link checker didn't work correctly in the latest version of webkit browsers (e. g. Chrome).
 Dialogs - Images using the "Show larger size on mouse-over" option weren't resized correctly.
• CSS minification - Media queries weren't handled correctly during minification.
• Inline widgets didn't work if the site was upgraded via the upgrade procedure from an older version.
• The BrowserHelper was stored in the session, but wasn't marked as serializable, which caused an exception when the session wasn't set to the InProc setting.
• The info label was placed incorrectly in the Related documents section of the document properties in CMS Desk.
• There was a dead help topic link in Site Manager -> Administration -> System -> Files.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 6.0.7 (build no. 4350):
• Import toolkit - The application crashed when the "Do not import anything" option was selected in step 7 of the import wizard.
• Import toolkit - The application couldn't read some of the FK mapping files used in step 6.
• KIM - Several issues were fixed (the instance list wasn't refreshed after applying a hotfix/upgrade, hotfixes weren't applied to selected instances only, the registration form didn't check for the protocol).
• Web installer - Modifying a hotfixed installation caused an exception in some cases.
 Web installer - Web Installation failed on Win7 64 bit when using Health monitoring.
• Newsletters - The unique clicks statistics didn't include clicks made by individual users subscribed through a contact group (i.e. contacts).
• Newsletters - Contact group members couldn't unsubscribe from a newsletter.
• Integration bus - Creating multiple documents within one request didn't work correctly.
• Integration bus (new functionality) - Added support for mass actions.
• Contact Management - Certain account statuses were missing in the account filter on the Account -> Merge -> Split tab.
• Contact management (new functionality) - Contacts can now automatically be deleted using a scheduled task (added new settings in Site Manager -> Settings -> On-line marketing).
 Events - The calendar didn't display events from future or past months if the displayed month was set via the VisibleDate property.
• Output filter - The filter for resolving URLs wasn't properly optimized and thus slower than in previous version.
• Syntax highlighting - The Search & Replace function didn't highlight items found in macros.
• E-commerce - The Custom data property of order item objects wasn't saved in the database.
• Smart search - Search filtering conditions containing diacritics didn't work correctly.
• Windows Azure - The file system selector didn't display the tree structure properly.
• MVT - The combination panel didn't localize resource strings according to the preferred UI culture.
• Social networking - Facebook web parts didn't correctly convert certain culture codes to the Facebook format.
• Web parts - Cloning web parts on web application installations didn't work correctly because the codebehind path wasn't updated.
• Documents - The InsertAsNewCultureVersion() method of the TreeNode class didn't reflect the document culture correctly.
• The "Grid" web part didn't work correctly when displaying an empty data set.
• Some grids and selectors that loaded data from the CMS_Class table (custom tables, doc. types, system tables...) didn't work correctly.
• The general export feature wasn't available in all grids in the UI.
• Changing the username of the currently active user didn't work.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 6.0.6 (build no. 4343):
• Staging - Running complete synchronization from the UI failed when an integration connector was present in the system.
• Scoring - The "Poll voting" activity rule didn't offer global polls, even if they were allowed for the given site.
• Scoring - The newsletter issue selector didn't work properly if the "(none)" item was selected.
• Scoring - It wasn't possible to save a scoring rule after the activity type had been changed (only for certain combinations).
• Contact management - Deleting a state (Site Manager -> Development -> Countries) caused an exception due to foreign key restrictions.
• Contact management - Global administrators who weren't assigned to a site couldn't create new custom activities.
• Contact management (Activities) - The "Newsletter unsubscription" activity log didn't include the issue ID.
• Layout web parts - The "Tabs layout", "Accordion layout" and "Collapsible panel" web parts didn't resolve localization strings in their headers.
• Messaging - The "Add to contact list" and "Add to ignore list" shortcuts on the community site didn't work in some browsers.
• REST service - When requesting custom tables (or system tables), the response contained all objects from the CMS_Class table.
• REST service - The ~/rest service document showed all object types even if only some of them were allowed in the "Allowed object types" setting in Site Manager.
• Windows Azure - The hotfix SQL script used the sys.syscomments system table which isn't supported by SQL Azure.
• Windows Azure - Web farm servers weren't deleted properly when running Kentico CMS in full IIS mode.
• Windows Azure - Importing system tables on SQL Azure caused an error in special cases.
• Syntax highlighter - The cursor wasn't set to the correct position after using an Auto completion code snippet.
• Newsletters - The opened e-mail statistic didn't work correctly for issues opened by users subscribed through a contact group (i.e. contacts).
• Events - The 'Add event to Outlook' action caused an error with Outlook 2003.
• Reporting - The code names of graphs, tables and values weren't properly validated.
• Form controls - The "Localizable text box" control behaved unexpectedly in the field editor (watermark text property) and an exception was displayed when it was used.
• Media library - The media selector didn't expand the selected path if the selected folder was deeper than the first level.
• The drag-and-drop functionality of the Visual Studio Toolbox didn't work with some of the CMS controls.
• Web analytics caused an error when running with a Session State service.
• The old resizing logic of the EnsureImageDimensions() method was rolled back. It is now possible to enable the new/fixed resizing logic using the <add key="CMSUseFixedEnsureImageDimensions" value="true"/> application setting in the web.config if needed.
• There was a minor design error in the Abuse report dialog

Bugs fixed in hotfix 6.0.5 (build no. 4336):
• Contact management (Activities) - It is now possible to have activity log files processed more frequently than once per minute.
• Localization - Creating a new resource string under a UI culture caused an error in certain cases.
• Newsletters - Issues sent as draft e-mails contained incorrect image URLs in special cases.
• Documents - In special situations, data was missing in the document comparison output.
• Document validation - In some cases, the "View source" dialog treated javascript code as a macro and therefore highlighted it incorrectly.
• Widgets - Some inline widgets weren't resolved properly.
• Widgets - The "My account" widget didn't work properly in some cases.
• Macros - Comparing enumeration values with their string representation didn't work correctly.
• Handlers - Security handlers were fired only if a custom handler library was enabled.
• Web parts - Using Editable text or image web parts in the code of a custom web part caused an error.
• Document types - Field inheritance was incorrectly allowed for container document types, which caused an error.
• Membership - The "SelectMembershipUserRoles" query didn't work with the TOP clause.
• Import/Export - A Delete task for the current user could be executed during the import process, which caused an error.
• Import/export functionality didn't work properly for the "Language selection drop-down" web part.
• Pressing "Enter" launched the localizable textbox dialog instead of submitting the current form.
• Media library - The media selector dialog didn't correctly handle the settings for image resizing after upload.
• There were minor design issues in the UI.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 6.0.4 (build no. 4329):
 Caching - User controls including transformation set the client cache to no-store settings.
 Categories - The UniSelector's Remove all context menu in document properties did not work.
• Documents - The Items collection of TreeNodeDataSet didn't work properly.
• Document types - Some of the predefined document types didn't provide correct fields in case of inheriting them.
• Document types - The general tab threw an error if the edited document type no longer existed.
• E-commerce - Attempt to send an Order status changed notification emails during import resulted in an error.
• E-commerce - users could edit product images and conversions even if they didn't have permissions for the department the product belonged to.
• E-commerce - backward compatibility of some old macros used in e-mail templates was broken.
 Field Editor - Name source fields didn't get refreshed when a field was edited.
• Forms - Site code name, which contained dots, caused an error when a new form was created.
• Form controls - Label control didn't keep its assigned CSS class when a form validation error occurred.
• Form controls - The State drop-down list in the Country selector displayed all states on first initialization.
• Import - Fixed several problems in importing older version packages on the Azure platform.
• Link checker - Sorting by the Line column didn't work correctly.
• Macros - The "+=" assignment operator did not work properly with variable names not in lower case.
• Object versioning - Minor issues with the recycle bin filters.
• Output filter - XHTML output filter didn't work correctly for conditional HTML comments.
• Online marketing - Collision dialog for merging contacts didn't load some fields correctly.
• Transformations - TransformationHelper did not return correct document URL.
• UI - When changing tabs, the Ctrl + S shortcut for saving an object didn't work if the tageted frame didn't have focus.
• Universal viewer - First/Last/Alternating transformations didn't work for hierarchical data.
• Upgrade - A query for the recycle bin didn't work properly after applying the upgrade procedure.
• Widgets - Widget properties displayed from the live site did not allow scrolling.
• Widgets - an error could occur when the user didn't have sufficient permission to edit widget properties.
• Windows Azure - CMS Site Manager -> System -> Files page threw a timeout error after clicking the Test files button.
• Fixed a typing error in a CMS.MenuItem transformation.
• Hierarchical transformations list didn't work in localizations other than English.
• The CSS List Menu web part didn't render unique item ids correctly.
• Localizable textbox did not work correctly with in-place localization macros.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 6.0.3 (build no. 4323):
 Hierarchical transformations - The Close button didn't work properly when editing a hierarchical transformation from CMS Desk.
 Web analytics - When using a resx file in Russian, some Web analytics reports containing tables weren't displayed correctly.
 Integration bus - There was a problem with reinitialization of sys. integration bus connectors when a change was made.
 Macros - Some of the string methods (e.g. Contains) ignored the case sensitive setting of the MacroResolver.
 JS & CSS compression - The CSS minification sometimes failed and returned only a portion of the CSS. In such case, the unminified CSS is now returned.
 Localization - The Development section in the left menu didn't change language after changing UI culture for the current user.
 Staging - The creation of a document wasn't synchronized correctly. Also movement of a document under a workflow scope wasn't synchronized correctly.
 Staging - Copying or creating a new document with the same document name in the target location didn't ensure a unique document name correctly.
 Newsletter - Minor design issues.
 The Abuse report and Bad words modules weren't reflecting the custom language parameter correctly.
 E-commerce - An exception is thrown if Organization ID or Tax registration ID in the checkout process is too long.
 Contact Management - Customer selection on the Contact -> Membership tab didn't display the company name.
 CSS Stylesheets - CSS for components wasn't able to correctly combine CSS's with more charset definitions.
 Custom tables - A list of data displays detailed information about the user who created or modified the item, instead of only the user ID.
 MVT - MVT and Content personalization modules were available for sites which didn't have these modules assigned.
 MVT - MVT and Content personalization variants of the layout web parts didn't load their content on the Design tab.
 UI Personalization - Backward compatibility of UI permissions was not ensured if importing a package from an older version.
 Newsletters - Merged contacts were displayed in Newsletter - > Subscribers -> Contact group subscriber -> Contacts.
 Polls - 5.5R2 users with the Read and Modify permissions didn't have global permissions in 6.0 after import.
 Web analytics - Improved asynchronous Web Analytics deletion.
 Booking system - The list didn't work properly due to newly added fields/columns to the Booking system document type.
 Email engine - The Publish web site operation failed on EmailQueue.
 On-line marketing - The same contact was used on different sites running on the same domain.
 Web analytics - Campaign compare - the yearly report couldn't be printed.
 Windows Azure - Document type icons which had been changed weren't displayed in the UI.
 Form controls - Some of the form controls had a wrong type.
 Installation - DB installation for a schema different from dbo failed.
 Import/Export - The inherited web parts weren't exported in the correct order, which resulted in error upon the import process.
 Installation - In some cases, macros weren't resolved if default values were entered.
 Contact management - Logging to CMS Desk failed when Windows authentication was activated.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 6.0.2 (build no. 4315):
• Contact management - A wrong type of selection dialog was shown when adding customers to a contact.
• Contact management - Contact information wasn't updated when the customer data was changed in the shopping cart.
• Contact management - The My Contacts and My Accounts widgets displayed objects from all sites.
• Contact management - The collision dialog didn't display complete tooltips for the country and state fields.
• Contact management (Activities) - The information message shown when activity logging (or on-line marketing) is disabled was incorrect in the Site manager Activities UI.
•  Contact management (Activities) - The Add stamp button was missing on the New custom activity page.
• MVT - The combination panel didn't switch between combinations.
• MVT - Combinations weren't generated correctly if the document contained widget variants.
• MVT - Import/Export didn't work correctly for page templates containing MVT variants in some cases.
• Dashboards - In some cases, dashboards generated an unhandled exception if their page template couldn't be found.
• Dashboards - Moving widgets in dashboards didn't work.
• Licensing - Adding new forums wasn't possible in the Free edition.
• Licensing - Cloning of page templates didn't work in the Free edition.
• Macros - Macro expressions from the Documents section of the macro object tree were inserted with encoded special characters.
• Macros - The Documents collection wasn't resolved correctly when accessed through the macro engine.
• Staging - Staging of users didn't work correctly.
• Staging - The assignment of a document into a site category wasn't synchronized correctly.
• Windows Azure - The multi-file uploader didn't work correctly in special cases when running on Windows Azure.
• Import - The (all) page size option in the import wizard didn't work correctly.
• Import - Sites based on the Blank site sample template weren't imported correctly in special cases.
• Install - The import process and the object version creation during the installation was executed in the context of a public user.
• Portal engine - The security requirements for the edit template dialog on the Master page tab were incorrect.
• E-commerce - Sorting was incorrectly allowed for shipping costs.
• URL rewriting - Page not found errors weren't logged into the event log in some cases.
• Form controls - The Password and User Name controls didn't reflect some of the field settings on the live site.
• Layout web parts - The Table layout web part properties couldn't load the form control for editing the number of columns.
• Forms - Sending a notification for a form with an empty file uploader field caused an exception.
• Documents - Moving documents using the drag&drop functionality didn't work in special cases.
• Widgets - The header of editor widgets was hidden when dragging in Firefox.
• Web analytics - Deleting of web analytics data didn't work correctly.
• Blogs - Tags were sorted before whitespace trimming, which resulted in a different order than expected.
• Image uploader - All image dimensions weren't verified correctly after resizing.
• Routing - Paths with a wildcard mapping multiple segments (e.g. {*something}) weren't registered properly.
• CSS minification didn't work properly for stylesheets that contained a charset directive.
• There were minor design issues in the on-line marketing UI and the Site Manager -> Administration -> System section.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 6.0.1 (build no. 4308):
• Contact management - Contact information wasn’t updated from several locations, such as message board or blog post comments.
• Contact management - Billing address mapping from a customer to a contact didn’t work correctly in CMS Desk.
• Contact management - Filtering contacts and accounts according to their status didn’t work correctly.
• Contact management - Deleting a large amount of contacts or accounts resulted in a timeout in some cases.
• Contact management - Merging a site contact into a global contact resulted in a data inconsistency if the given contact belonged to a site-specific contact group.
• Contact management - The Activities dashboard widget didn't display any data.
• Contact management - The Score tab of the contact editing interface incorrectly redirected to the permission denied page if the current site wasn’t running.
• Activities (Contact management) - Blog comment and blog post subscription activities didn’t log the ID of the related blog document.
• Scoring - an update panel was missing around the validity section on the edit rule page.
• E-commerce - The values of the Company, Organization ID and Tax registration ID fields weren’t saved when the "Continue as anonymous customer" option was chosen during checkout.
• E-commerce - Product options weren’t cached correctly.
• E-commerce - The total price shown in the product detail didn’t include the price of selected product options after the “Add to shopping cart” option was clicked in cases where redirection to the shopping cart was disabled.
• E-commerce - Some e-commerce reports didn’t work correctly after import from an older version.
• Ecommerce - recalculation of the global "Minimal amount for free shipping" setting didn’t work correctly when the global main currency was changed.
• Ecommerce - A customer’s country/state was not prefilled correctly when creating a new address during the checkout process.
• Macros - The condition builder threw an unhandled exception when a condition couldn’t be parsed.
• Macros - The CurrentUser.IsMale and CurrentUser.IsFemale macros didn’t return correct results.
• Macros - Entering the “@” character into the macro condition field caused the autocompletion help to stop working.
• A/B testing - There were several minor issues related to A/B testing.
• MVT - The variant properties dialog didn't show any data after the Apply button was clicked.
• MVT - Layout web parts caused a JavaScript error in special cases when used in combination with MVT or Content personalization.
• Widgets - The headers of widgets in editor zones weren’t displayed correctly in IE9.
• Widgets - The Editable text widget didn’t keep its content when moved to another zones.
• Portal engine - The Ctrl+S save command didn't work correctly when creating a new page with a blank layout.
• Portal engine - The page layout editing dialog displayed an unnecessary scrollbar in IE9 if the code was long.
• Portal engine - The master page layout editor didn’t save changes in some cases when using IE9.
• Portal engine - The breadcrumb navigation for campaigns didn't work properly on the On-line marketing tab.
• Forms - The Ctrl+S save command didn't work in the form field editor.
• Localization - Localized display names weren’t handled correctly for document types.
• Localization - Localizable textboxes didn’t work in Site Manager if the site running on the current domain was stopped or had only one culture assigned.
• Localization - The page layout interface in CMS Desk displayed strings based on the current CMSPreferredCulture instead of the current CMSPreferredUICulture.
• Newsletters - Clicking the unsubscription or approval links in a newsletter resulted in an exception in special cases.
• Newsletters - The (un)successful approval confirmation message wasn’t displayed by the Subscription approval web part.
• Windows Azure - Media file links weren’t generated correctly in special cases.
• Project management - The My projects web part could display projects from groups that the current user was not a member of.
• Controls - The CMSEditableImage, CMSEditableRegion and CMSDocumentValue controls weren't displayed in the Visual Studio Toolbox.
• File import - The message containing the result of the import was lost during postback.
• Dashboards - The minimized status of widgets wasn’t saved on dashboard pages.
• Form controls - Controls didn't keep their assigned CSS class when a form validation error occurred.
• Document recycle bin - Global administrators were unable to restore or destroy documents deleted by other users in the CMS Desk document recycle bin.
• The On-line marketing module wasn't initially assigned to sites imported from an older version.
• The asynchronous log contained unnecessary information when copying documents in some cases.
• Several minor issues related to the UI design were fixed.
• Corporate Site - The Send to friend web part on the sample Corporate site didn’t work correctly for CMS.Smartphone documents in the Products section.
• Some database views incorrectly contained the 'dbo' schema.

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