• RE:Gift Cards
    Forum Post Feb 12, 2013
    I have a couple of questions about this scenario. 1. Will this allow for multiple Discounts to be applied? For example, if someone has 2 or more gift cards that they wish to use to purchase a product. 2. I tried to use the KB article you linked but it is for kentico 6 an...

  • Kentico 7 + Windows Server AppFabric
    Forum Post Feb 26, 2013
    Hello support team. I'm trying to integrate Kentico with Windows Server AppFabric Cache Service. I installed Cache service and tested it in combination with standard ASP.NET application. Then I reflected the same changes on Kentico web site and got the following error: ...

  • RE:Virtual Objects and Content Staging
    Forum Post Apr 3, 2013
    Hi Martin, I use deployment mode on the development box because editing the transformations in visual studio is just quicker/easier, especially when i've been doing a lot of other customisations and adding in custom coding in Old_App_Code (for an Azure deployment). And then...

  • RE:Inventory Synchronization
    Forum Post Jun 28, 2013
    The bi-directional staging unfortunately doesn't really work, even with very short periods of time. That gap between synch and someone buying a product is subject to error (or worse client case; having a shopper place and pay for an expedited order for an out-of-stock item) ...

  • RE:Smart Search indexes not being built
    Forum Post Aug 13, 2013
    Is it a problem calling the method within code or just simply executing the task? I've got a simple method I created that will allow me to rebuild an index by its name and I have a similar issue with our dev environment but I chalk it up to very frequent changes in dev and th...

  • RE:Azure storage mapping for image files
    Forum Post Sep 17, 2013
    Hello, Such functionality would require extensive customizations. You will have to create a custom provider which will provide methods for retrieving files from blob storage and mapping it to the folder in content tree. You can use classes and their methods in CMS.AzureStor...

  • RE:Kentico 7 connector - detect data changes
    Forum Post Oct 2, 2013
    OK will try the solution supplied. With regards to the second question I created a multi threaded worker role, with thread monitoring and recovery to fire each task. This works quite well and gives us the ability to poll schedules, fire the smart search worker and execute c...

  • Kentico Connections 2012 - Additional secret video recordings uncovered
    Article Sep 25, 2012
    Thanks to recently borrowed and declassified video technology we have been able to recover additional   secretly recorded videos available from Kentico Connections 2012- Denver.

  • Are you ready for the Ask the Experts – A Kentico CMS Virtual Panel?
    Article Jan 23, 2013
    It’s almost time for our first Ask the Experts - A Kentico CMS Virtual Panel! Date: January 24, 2013 Time: 8 AM PST/11 AM EST/4 PM BST Location: Everywhere! Google hangouts and Twitter More information available here

  • Cloud computing 101: Service models
    Article Apr 24, 2013
    Personally, I believe that cloud computing is the next stage in the Internet’s evolution.  The cloud will eventually provide the way that everything from computing power to computing infrastructure, application business process to personal collaboration is delivered as a servi...

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