• Disable Media Usage Index
    Question Aug 12, 2022
    I'm currently getting a lot of errors, with the media index so I'm looking to disable it. I've disabled the local index task and set key="CMSProcessSearchTasksByScheduler" value="true", but I'm still getting the errors Message: Error while processing index MediaFilesUsage: A...

  • System.OutOfMemoryException
    Question Apr 28, 2022
    Running Kentico v10 successfully & happily for the past 4 years. Web server and DB server hosted on Azure. Suddenly, for the past days, page editors cannot save pages (create new versions). System.OutOfMemoryException error is thrown. I noticed our DB didn't change recently...

  • Media libraries folder
    Question May 18, 2022
    We currently have seven sites hosted in the same admin instance (v12.0.83). If we leave the default settings value for the Media libraries folder (***~/{sitename}/media***) when it synchronizes changes to the presentation sites it makes the change only to one of the sites. I...

  • How to Create a Speedy Site Search Worth Celebrating With Algolia
    Article Mar 29, 2022
    As an Xperience user, you may already be familiar with our Smart Search and Azure Search options, but perhaps you’re looking for something different. We’re happy to announce that we’re expanding our robust search functionality by adding Algolia to the family! This sleek searc...

  • RE:Azure Service Recycling
    Forum Post May 24, 2013
    Thanks, Juraj. Noted.

  • Azure Logo
    Forum Post May 24, 2013
    Hi, Maybe an odd question but I've noticed the Windows Azure logo isn't showing up on the CMSDesk? I triple checked the "Show Windows Azure logo" is true on global and for the site, but it's still not showing up. Maybe this isn't a biggie, but then again, maybe it's a subtl...

  • RE:Azure Cloud Services new site template install error
    Forum Post Aug 14, 2013
    Hello, Could you please let us know what are your credentials do the Azure SQL according to the: http://robertgreiner.com/2012/04/one-of-the-request-inputs-is-out-of-range-windows-azure/ Best Regards, Martin Danko

  • RE:Working with BACPAC on Azure
    Forum Post Oct 8, 2013
    I'm experiencing the exact same problem with Kentico BACPAC files from SQL Azure. Has there been any progress on this? This is a significant problem because now we cannot get our data out of SQL Azure -- would appreciate any updates on this! Mark

  • RE:Running Kentico in Azure Emulator
    Forum Post Jan 25, 2012
    More Info - Just tried it on a blank VM - Installed VS Express, Azure SDK, and Kentico 6. I start the project and get the same error.

  • Azure Service Recycling
    Forum Post May 7, 2013
    Anyone had an issue with their Azure cloud service being automatically recycled and the original package being re-applied (with the effect that some synch'ed changes (non-database artifacts) were lost?

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