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Nikita Klimov asked on February 25, 2014 03:12


Firstly, I'm sorry for my English. My team are supporting a big site with an old and unsupportable CMS. This CMS uses Xslt-transformations for generating Html. It works as follows: 1) CMS generate a big Xml document with all the necessary data for page rendering. This Xml contains some service information, data from web-services, data from CMS storage and so other. We can choose data sources for the Xml. 2) We develop Xslt templates for the Xml 3) CMS transform the Xml with the Xslt and show resulted Html to user It means we have many Xslt templates and Xml data sources. We want to migrate the site from the CMS to Kentico. Are there any best practices to use Xslt rendering engine with Kentico? We can use our Xslt templates only for generating page content, like a web part. But we don't want to develop our own engine for this task. Which capabilities of Kentico can you advise us to use?

Thanks in advance, Nikita Klimov

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Juraj Ondrus answered on February 27, 2014 01:26


This is very custom question. The best would be to convert everything to ASCX or HTML. In Kentico, there is a web part available called XSLT viewer in which you can use the xslt transformations but I am not sure if this will cover all your needs. Also, you will basically just copy the problem to another CMS so I would recommend to consider re-designing the architecture from scratch and covert the data to other format.

Best regards,
Juraj Ondrus

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Nikita Klimov answered on February 27, 2014 01:40

Thank you for answer. We just tried to decrease a laboriousness of migration. However, as I can see, there is only one right way: we have to re-design all templates.

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