Xperience: Store does not implement ISuerClaimStore<TUser>()

Youyou Chuang asked on August 4, 2022 04:04

Hi there,

I'm using Xperience 13, NET Core version. I want to change user info in claim but failed with error "Store does not implement IUserClaimStore...". I found there is an old post about this issue, not sure about the solution for Xperience. Would you please help? Thank you!


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Sean Wright answered on August 5, 2022 07:40

Hi Youyou,

There is an entire section of the documentation dedicated to using ASP.NET Core Identity + KX13. I'd recommend reading through those pages and make sure you follow all the instructions.

We have this working in multiple ASP.NET Core KX13 sites without issue.

Can you provide example code that shows where you are seeing the issue?

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