Will Kentico support AMP for Email?

Nicholas Gornall asked on March 27, 2019 23:23


Our organisation is interesting in investigating support of AMP for email via Kentico. In my investigation so far I have found that Kentico offers support for an AMP nuget package (Kentico.AccelerateMobilePages), however this package only seems to add additional functionality to the Pages application within Kentico.

I would expect that a similar package would be required that adds a third email type (text-x-amphtml) in addition to the HTML and Plaintext version that are currently supported in the Email Marketing Module. Based on the AMP specification it would likely require that the email is also built in a different method/syntax.

Is this something that Kentico will add support for? If so, what is the expected timeline?

Cheers, Nick

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Juraj Ondrus answered on March 28, 2019 08:08

There are no plans for this yet. Also, the current Kentico AMP is a open source project maintained by the community - so you can add your idea to it or extend this project/package as you need to.

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