Why WCF Data Services do not work on my Windows 7 server

HelenaG Grulichova asked on August 10, 2011 02:46

Why WCF Data Services do not work on my Windows 7 server

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HelenaG Grulichova answered on August 10, 2011 02:46

When you’ve installed Windows 7 and all the appropriate IIS features, WCF (formerly known as ADO.NET Data Services) will still not be available on your box by default.

You can enable it if you open up the command prompt in the Administrator mode and run the following command:

c:\>"%windir%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v3.0\Windows Communication Foundation\ServiceModelReg.exe" -r

This will map the svc file type to aspnet_isapi.dll and make IIS recognize WCF services and startup the ServiceHost for you. In other words: the svc MIME type will be registered with IIS. The parameter on the end is:

-r: Re-registers this version of WCF and updates scriptmaps at the IIS metabase root and for all scriptmaps under the root. Existing scriptmaps are upgraded to this version regardless of the original versions.

And just to be sure: restart the IIS after you’ve run this command.

You can find more information here: Configure WCF to run on Windows 7  

WCF services may be used with Kentico CMS for example like: Data communication - ADO.NET Data Services  


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