Why does this Kentico 11 web site still reference the old angular.js path in the admin interface?

Patrick Taylor asked on January 31, 2019 22:03

I recently performed a Kentico upgrade from v9 through to v11. The client is U.S. government and required that we deliver the application code and SQL scripts such that they could deploy the upgrade on their own, so we don't have direct access to their web server or database. After they deployed to the on-premises IIS web server, the Kentico 11 administration interface did not work because there was a broken reference to CMSScripts/Vendor/Angular/angular.js; however, Kentico removed that file and any reference to it in Kentico 11. We are unable to recreate the error in Kentico 11. I have only been able to recreate the error in Kentico 9 or 10 by deleting the file, but this doesn't explain the error happening in Kentico 11 where the file does not exist anyways and is not referenced anywhere. The client claims he deleted everything from the web server before deploying, so there shouldn't be anything leftover from v9 or v10. Do you have any ideas on why it might still be referenced in the deployed Kentico 11 web site?

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Brenden Kehren answered on January 31, 2019 23:28

Cache. They need to physically clear the cache (delete files) on the browsers of the user's accessing the Kentico UI. Also check this article for reference.


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Patrick Taylor answered on January 31, 2019 23:33 (last edited on January 31, 2019 23:39)

Brenden, that was my first suspicion as well, but I receive the error when loading their deployed site from my workstation even when incognito/inprivate.

P.S. I did select Empty Cache and Hard Reload on my workstation, but it does not resolve the error. To clarify, I do receive the error when accessing their deployed site from a web browser but not when running the solution from localhost or from an Azure App Services Web App.

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