Why building solutions take too much time?

Anil Singh asked on February 25, 2015 06:33

Hi, I am new here.

Today, I download and want to run on my local machine. The building solutions is take too much time.

Can you suggest me Here I am wrong or any other issues. Anyone can help me?

Thank you!!!

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Brenden Kehren answered on February 25, 2015 09:46

Building the solution depends on a lot of factors, for instance your computers hardware. Previous machines I had a standard hard drive in and my new ones I've purchased SSDs which have reduced the build time by over 50% if not more. The Kentico project is a very large project with many inter-dependencies. What the build is doing is checking all those dependencies with the 170+ different custom Kentico DLLs and other class libraries. It takes a while but that's just the nature of the beast. There are other ways to reduce that time but it won't ever cut it down to seconds or even a minute.

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Bryan Soltis answered on February 25, 2015 15:33 (last edited on February 25, 2015 20:06)

Brian McKeiver (Kentico MVP) also has a great blog on speeding up your debugging which may help a lot, too.


Bryan Soltis Kentico Technical Evangelist

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