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Bryan Johnson asked on September 7, 2016 17:18

I'm confused about how the inheritance works with widget property settings and their parent web part properties. In my 9.0 site the Editable Text widget presents the "Widget container" and "Container title" properties in the editing UI when editing a page.

Screen shot

However, when I look at the property settings of the Editable Text widget in the Widgets application, I don't see these properties. However, all of the web part container properties, including "Container" and "ContainerTitle" are set to be not visible. I don't see properties with the labels "Widget container" and "Container title" in Properties or System Properties tabs.

Screen shot

Where are these widget properties defined? Is there a separate global setting somewhere that reveals these two properties for widgets?

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Jan Hermann answered on September 7, 2016 22:23

What I would try is recreating those properties as standard properties where you can control their visibility. You can test ti by creating one new property called ContainerTitle and set Display field in the editing form to False.

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Jan Hermann answered on September 7, 2016 17:30

First of all, the Editable text web part is not supported as a widget. It's already editable on the Page tab and if you need to add a text widget you can use Rich text that is also editable on the Page tab.

You can also recreate a system property as standard property if you maintain the code name so please take a look at Properties tab as well.

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Brenden Kehren answered on September 7, 2016 17:31

Widgets inherit all the same properties and functionality as a webpart. If you want to see those hidden properties or set them manually you need to go to the Editable text widget and set the visibility of them in the Properties or System Properties tab.

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Bryan Johnson answered on September 7, 2016 18:00

Thank you Brenden and Jan for the quick response. Brenden, as you noted, I should be able to show or hide the underlying web part properties in the widget by setting the visibility of each one. In my case the container and container title properties always show for widgets, regardless of how I adjust the visibility of corresponding web part properties in the widget properties (see screenshot links in initial post). This is the part that is baffling me. Also, I'm not seeing a property definition with a label called "Widget container" in the widget Properties or the System Properties tabs. That also seems strange to me and just adds to my confusion. Where does the system get that text string for the UI?

Jan, you bring up a good question about why the Editable text web part is being exposed as a widget in the first place. Maybe it was never intended to be used in that way, and that's why I'm seeing this behavior. For this particular site that I'm working on, it may be too late to "unwidgetize" it. There is a lot of content built with it. Modifications were made to the site I am working on to give Editors more abilities to build layouts in the Page tab than normal. For example, the "web part zone" web part has been exposed as a widget to give Editors the ability to nest containers and influence the layout, without having access to the Design tab. I'm starting to think that exposing basic layout control to Editors in the Page tab was a mistake. What do you guys think?

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Bryan Johnson answered on September 7, 2016 22:38

That was it, Jan. Creating a new field under the Properties tab for the widget with the same field name allowed me to get control over its visibility. This clears things up for me. Thanks to both of you.

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