Web farm, error thrown: 'Proc_CMS_WebFarmTask_Insert' expects parameter '@TargetServerId'

Dean Lynn asked on October 30, 2015 16:00

I have Kentico deployed to a load balanced environment, 2 servers are available which both point to the same database.

I have enabled the web farm settings and allowed Kentico to automatically add servers to the farm as they boot up.

However, I am receiving an error as it tries to add the unknown server to the system:

Proc_CMS_WebfarmTask_Insert Caused exception: Procedure or function 'Proc_CMS_WebFarmTask_Insert' expects parameter '@TargetServerId', which was not supplied.

Has anybody seen this issue before?

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Juraj Ondrus answered on November 2, 2015 09:42


This looks like the project files are different version than the DB - have you applied any hotfixes before? Have you applied them to all instances in the web farm?

I would recommend to download the latest hotfix and apply it to all instances in the web farm so they have the same versions (but the SQL script needs to be run only once, you need to repeat the files hotfix for each project separately).

You can check the version of the project files e.g. by going to the BIN folder, right click some dll file -> Properties -> Details.
In the DB, you can run this SQL command

 SELECT KeyName,KeyValue      
 FROM CMS_SettingsKey
WHERE KeyName LIKE '%CMSDataVersion%' OR KeyName LIKE '%CMSDBVersion%' OR KeyName LIKE '%CMSHotfixVersion%'
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