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Luke Hook asked on September 5, 2018 12:27

Hi there, I'm creating a simple content banner in a Kentico 11 site. This widget will contain a simple icon and a line of text. Just the two fields.

How can I set a field to select a font icon from the standard font library? Can this be added through the rich text editor or is there a way I can set this to select the file from the relevant folder and manually add the svg path in my front end.

Thanks, Luke

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Brenden Kehren answered on September 5, 2018 15:18

The CKEditor which Kentico uses is very customizable. In fact, you can add 3rd party plug-in's farily easy. I'd suggest checking out Kentico's documentation regarding customizing the CKEditor.

Also, another very helpful article regarding configuring/customizing the CKEditor.

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Arun Kumar answered on September 5, 2018 14:41 (last edited on September 5, 2018 14:42)

You can use simple font icon tags inside rich text editors (Source View)

<i class="icon-plus" aria-hidden="true"></i>

you need to link the stylesheet that defines the icon font to the site where you are using text editor. See this link for reference.

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Luke Hook answered on September 5, 2018 15:07

Thanks Arun,

This is the kind of thing I'm looking at but the site is for a client that would be unable to insert custom html. I didn't know if there was a field type or extension of the rich text editor where they could select an icon and it would insert the icon tag. OR a selector type, similar to media/image selector where it would populate the field with the class name which I could inject in to the html.

Thanks, Luke

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Zach Perry answered on September 5, 2018 17:47

If you look at page types in the Admin, there is a field for selecting the Icon that probably has similar functionality as what you are looking for.

You could probably just use that control(FontIconSelector.ascx) as a basis for a custom form control to use.

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