Using AWS Secrets Manager in Kentico

Nelson Nebre asked on June 3, 2022 08:40

Hi, good day. Our team is planning to use AWS secrets manager to get the s3 credentials in our application. Is there a way to define the secret key and access key id in code level instead of web.config in kentico? Thank you in advance.

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Brian McKeiver answered on June 4, 2022 16:28

Nothing out of the box does this. You can write customizations in both the CMSApp project and your live website project to make it happen though. Following the standard documentation should work. We've done this with Azure Key Vault as opposed to the AWS secret manager, but it shouldn't really be any different. It would be similar to how this SO post does it for the CI tool:

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Nelson Nebre answered on June 7, 2022 15:36

Thanks sir. I'm able to use the SettingsHelper.SetConfigValue. By using this code I'm able to add to App Settings section. But the problem now sir is on the first load of the page, there's an error on the AWS S3 library saying that S3 access keys must define in the web.config file. Any idea how to solve this issue?

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