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Kosntantine Dobromilskiy asked on December 18, 2014 07:51

Hi, Why the staging process updates the whole security role members collection on each new user or user added to the role? Wouldn't it be much more efficient to sync just the Role definition and user-in-role data with user object? We have 20000 registered users in our website and each time we have new user registered - the system staging process creates huge task of the Role synchronization - that contains definitions of all users that belong to this Role.

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Juraj Ondrus answered on December 19, 2014 08:40

Hi Konstantine,

The synchronization of the update role tasks can be tricky - the update task holds just the one or few users from the source - when you stage this task, the update means that add the users who are in the task and remove all others"" - this is according to the udpate task data and it is updating the role. I understand this is causing confusion and issues. This behavior is basically the same for any object with children objects.

Best regards,
Juraj Ondrus

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