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Brenden Kehren asked on July 18, 2014 18:12

I've created several modules using the awesome new features in v8 and have found one limitation I can't seem to get past. I have a group of users who will need access to this module to perform CRUD actions and the only they have access is if the users Privilege level to "Global Administrator".

I've set the UI preferences and the Module to allow the specific role(s) and the only way they can physically see or edit any data is by changing the Privilege Level to "Global Administrator". Not ideal in my opinion as it opens a lot of other functionality up to that user if they have other roles assigned to them.

Is there a work around for this or am I missing a setting to check?

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Roman Koníček answered on July 30, 2014 22:54

Hi, Just to update the thread, we had a discussion via emails. The problem was caused by incorrect codenames on permission names. So for future reference, I would recommend other users to check the link in our documentation to avoid similar issues in the future.

Best regards, Roman Konicek

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