Upgrading Kentico 8.1 from .NET 4.0 to .NET 4.5.2

lasa jay asked on February 14, 2017 03:54

I just upgraded a Kentico 8.1 website that was on .net 4.0 to 4.5.2 . After some basic testing, everything seems to be working fine. However, according to the following link, I am required to change Kentico DLLs to .Net 4.5 version. http://devnet.kentico.com/questions/upgrading-website-project-from-net-4-0-to-net-4-5

Is this really necessary? I thought .Net 4 DLLs should work fine with .Net 4.5 as it is backward compatible.

Thanks in Advance !!!


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Trevor Fayas answered on February 14, 2017 15:24

.Net 4.5 is backword compatible with 4, but 4.5 has additional classes that the newer Kenticos may employ. It shouldn't be hard to do this though, usually the .net DLLs are in the LIB folder that you can pull from. If the instructions don't say how to get the 4.5 drivers, install a 4.5 instance of kentico, and grab the LIB folder (may be able to find it in the installation folder as well to save time).

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lasa jay answered on February 15, 2017 04:34 (last edited on February 15, 2017 04:36)

Hi Trevor, Thanks for your reply. The issue is, I have couple of .NET 4 custom dlls that refer to the standard Kentico dlls. Therefore, If I upgrade these Kentico ddls to .Net version 4.5.2 that will cause errors in these custom libraries. I am trying to avoid having to upgrade these custom modules at this stage. So far, I haven't had any issues by running the site with .Net 4 dlls.

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