Unigrid main function

Ei Dar Li Ko Ko asked on February 16, 2015 09:29

I am trying to accomplish a module with the combination of the custom table. I just use the existing template of the Object List and call back the data in the custom table by using the custom control and inserting the user control of the customtablelist.ascx. The customtablelist is connected with customtable.xml where the data view is defined.

The main default actions are defined and called back through the protected void UniGrid_OnAction(string actionName, object actionArgument) { // Edit if (actionName == "edit") { //UrlHelper.Redirect("LocateUs_Edit.aspx?itemId=" + actionArgument); Label1.Text = "You choose edit"; } But when clicking on the Edit button the Label does not show. So the Uni_Grid is not calling back the actions. Is there any otherway? or in Kentico 8 the action definition is different? Thanks

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