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Delford Chaffin asked on November 20, 2014 22:07

I have created a module that creates a unique barcode image for ordered items. I need to be able to export this as an Excel file and keep the images in place. When I finally got the barcode images in the UniGrid, I thought I was done; however, when I use the built-in export to xlsx, it removes the barcode images. Does anyone know how I could convince it to export those as images in the Excel file?

Here is the code creating the barcode images:

private object ugBarcodeOrders_ExternalDataBound(object sender, string sourceName, object parameter)
    switch (sourceName)
        case "barcode_init":
            return "<img src=\"[path here ...]/GenerateBarcodeImage.aspx?d=[data, etc...]" />";
    return parameter;


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Martin Danko answered on November 21, 2014 13:11

Hello Delford,

Regrettably, current export to Excel file doesn't support any kind of files.

On the other hand, if you want functionality like this available in the feature version of Kentico, you can suggest it and also other users will be able to vote for it (more users = higher priority), on the special page: Kentico UserVoice

Best regards, Martin

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