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anand kamane asked on June 26, 2018 14:31

I am new to kentico cms.I am working on existing kentico project.In that one unigrid used for displaying record from database and for binding unigrid they were using "query" property of unigrid.But am not able to find this query's "SQL" any where in admin interface or in code it self.Can anyone help me please to find the solution.

my code is for unigrid-
<cms:UniGrid ID="uGrid" runat="server" FilterByQueryString="true" Query="Legal.Project.Admin_Dashboard"(Not able to find this query's sql) ShowFilter="true" Columns="ProjectNumber, UserName" OrderBy="t.ProjectNumber desc">
Note:I am Using Kentico 9 version.

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Peter Mogilnitski answered on June 26, 2018 15:47 (last edited on June 26, 2018 15:50)

well the easiest way is to check in sql select * from cms_Query where queryname = 'Admin_Dashboard' Usually the query name follows the convention something like (unique prefix or namespace).object.queryname. cms, com, om or content prefixes used by Kentico. You have probably have a custom module called legal, inside it you have a class called project and then you have a query defined for this class.

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Arindam Debnath answered on June 26, 2018 15:54

Hi Anand,

The Legal.Project.Admin_Dashboard name represents the class name of the query. Assuming you've already searched in visual studio. Go to Modules app, check if you have any custom module, potentially called Legal. If not, check if you have page types or custom tables called Legal. The query must be within the queries tab in one of these. If this his helpful, please vote my answer. Thanks.

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anand kamane answered on June 27, 2018 07:40

@Peter Mogilnitski Thanks for your answer and thanks to @Arindam Debnath

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