The type or namespace name 'News' does not exist in the namespace 'CMS' (are you missing an assembly

Daniel Main asked on August 30, 2019 17:03

This is an odd one, apparently was getting this phantom error when I was attempting to see why a webpart was not working.

it uses the CMSEditModeButtonAdd controll, and as far as I can see this should still be valid.

All of the webparts that are useing this are come up with:

Element 'CMSEditModeButtonAdd' is not a known element. This can occur if there is a compilation 
error in the Web site, or the web.config file is missing.

I knew that normally this happens when a namespace changes but as far as I can tell the namespace remained the same from the upgrades, and this is occurring on even default Kentico Webparts.

The error on the top seems to be a "phantom" error which comes and goes, not sure why.

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Brenden Kehren answered on August 30, 2019 17:28

Did you try to build your whole project after you performed the upgrade to v12? The best solution is to check out the virtual objects and build the project in visual studio. This will help you resolve the errors you're seeing.

Remember Kentico doesn't automatically upgrade any of your virtual objects (transformations, templates, etc.) or custom code. You have to upgrade that all manually.

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