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Jay McCormack asked on November 21, 2014 05:44


I'm looking for advice on how people have handled the challenge of staging and check in/out across multiple instances of Kentico.

The instances we normally configure are: * * *

We have tried to restrict object changes (for example a page template) to dev. However invariably a customer will jump into staging and move a web part, therefore updating the page template. At the same time a developer is modifying a page template in dev and the consequence is that someone's changes go missing.

We use staging to move changes from dev to staging, however this still occurs.

Ideally I'd love to have a system where by we use object check in/out however it gets sync'd across dev/staging/production all at once.

I guess I'm looking for philosophies people have on this topic and how you've used check in/out and staging in this sort of environment.


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Brenden Kehren answered on November 21, 2014 18:29

You can have your changes auto synced with the scheduled task that's out there already. To me sounds like more of a training/access issue on the staging and live servers.

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