System Error Upon Admin Login

Jacob Mallach asked on February 6, 2018 21:57


We are experiencing a "System Error" screen upon login to the Kentico admin.

There seems to be no changes to the codebase amongst team members that would relate to triggering the error. A few of our team members are still signed into Kentico and we were able to access the admin event log. However, it is free of error. It is only on logout and attempting to log back in that the error persists.

Any feedback/steps to repair would be greatly appreciated!


Update: This has been resolved. Our server had reached it's storage capacity which was causing the error. After increasing the space we were back to business as usual.

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Trevor Fayas answered on February 7, 2018 14:31

Glad you figured it out. Just in case someone doesn't have that particular problem, ran into a similar situation and the analytics table has reached over 50 million records and the index on it actually blew up because of the max seed id field value. Has to truncate and reseed those tables to get back in.

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