Syncing Content as part of workflow but not auto archiving page

Chris Morrissey asked on January 13, 2017 19:38

I have a simple workflow where I sync content from our authoring environment to the live site after the page is published. (Edit --> Publish --> Synchronize Page --> Archived) The workflow allows me to sync the published page but the page is then automatically archived in the authoring environment and shows in the staging queue. How do I get the page to sync without it being auto-archived? I want the user to archive the page manually.

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Trevor Fayas answered on January 13, 2017 22:06

Is the Archiving happening without your wanting it to? The normal workflow in Kentico is the Edit -> Publish, then you can Syncronize using the staging module, and optionally you can archive, but it doesn't do it automatically.

If your workflow is custom (you modified it) to archive after, then that would probably be the issue. Can you tell us what your workflow setting looks like?

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Chris Morrissey answered on January 19, 2017 19:27

Kentico support provided the solution. There is a bug that I can work around by adding another Publish step after Synchronize Page (Edit --> Publish --> Synchronize Page --> Publish --> Archived). This allows our authors to Publish and sync the page without going through the Staging module.

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