synchronize the page node first

Paul Perez asked on January 4, 2023 21:37

Hi All, im trying to synchronize a page to our production environment and im getting this error message : SyncServer.ServerError: Exception occurred: Page node not found, please synchronize the page node first. has anyone encountered this problem? i also noticed that the Node ID, Page ID, Node GUID and Page GUID dont match the properties in production's page.

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Brenden Kehren answered on January 4, 2023 21:57

Try to sync the parent page of the page you're trying to sync first. They try to sync the original page. If this doesn't work, look in your production environment and see if that page already exists. If it does, delete it and sync that page and/or parent page again.

The only ID that should match between environments is the Node and Page GUID. The NodeID and PageID are NOT kept from environment to environment.

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Paul Perez answered on January 4, 2023 22:32

thanks! deleting the page fixed my issue. :)

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