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toru sato asked on November 17, 2017 15:15

I have a staging server and a live server.
The page that the user updated on the staging server (the page published in workflow) is going to be published on the live server. It also assumes that Media libraries and css StyleSheet will be updated.

  • It seems that the page update can be synchronized automatically, but can not you auto-synchronize Object such as Media libraries and css StyleSheet? Is it necessary to create a custom module class?
  • Can you synchronize update contents of staging in real time?
  • Files associated with with CSS stylesheets and Javascript files application can not be synchronized manually, but do you need to register them one by one from the kentico administration screen if you want to synchronize them with staging server and live server?

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Brenden Kehren answered on November 17, 2017 15:25

Currently Stating only allows automatic staging via a scheduled task of content items (pages). If you want to automatically or schedule object changes you would need to create a scheduled task to perform those actions.

Typically automatically syncing changes, specifically object changes, is frowned upon. Mainly because they contain or could contain breaking changes which might take your site down or if you're redesigning a section of the site could send objects over you don't want over to live.

If you want real-time changes, why not just do the changes on the live server and use workflow to perform the publish? It's no different than what you're proposing (make change on staging, process through workflow and auto publish to live).

Physical CSS and JS files cannot be synced unless you create some process to do so. If you use the CSS Stylesheets app, you can sync changes to your virtual stylesheet but still no abilities to sync over JS.

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toru sato answered on November 20, 2017 07:22

Thank you for answering!

Whether or not it is possible to display synchronized contents from the staging server to the live server just by synchronizing the pages. (Images in Media Library, CSS, etc.)
Will Media library, CSS, JavaScript etc reference files in staging server?

Generally, do you synchronize the staging server manually?
Also, what are the sudden changes that may cause the site to go down?

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