Submit HTML form as a whole form not just the data.

Kim Driggers asked on September 27, 2017 17:55

Is there a way to configure the HTML email forms so that they can be submitted similar to a pdf rather than just the data only.

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Trevor Fayas answered on September 27, 2017 19:29 (last edited on September 27, 2017 19:30)

PDFs are a bit tricky, it's very hard to convert HTML to a PDF and usually requires third party tools. You can use HTML with the form to format it so it looks a lot prettier, but the generate it to a PDF isn't there by default.

However, Kentico has built in CSV / Excel / XML logic, and with it's Reporting you can receive the data as an attachment. So without any customization, you can create a Report with Parameters "FromDate" and "ToDate", add a Table with the following query:

Select * from Form_FormNameHere WHERE where FormInserted > COALESCE(@FromDate, '1900-01-01') and FormInserted < COALESCE(@ToDate, GETDATE())

Then you can subscribe to the report configure it will run every X Time (Say every 5 minutes) and only do the last X time (again every 5 minutes), set it to "Send only if data found", subscribe to that particular table. It will by default send the report as well as include a CSV of the data.

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Rui Wang answered on September 28, 2017 19:48

You can use event handler to generate a custom email when form submission happens, but that still requires some 3rd party tool to convert the HTML into PDF (with certain format done in code behind).

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