staging servers; change "current server name"

kyle shapiro asked on July 18, 2018 20:19

Hello Devnet,

In Staging --> Servers, a infobox says "Current Server name is 'Dev'". How can I change this? The environment I'm working in was taken from a copy of 'Dev', but needs to be a new value. I tried pointing a different environment to this one, and giving it a different code name, but that didn't change anything. When I make changes, none of the synchronization tasks are created. All the checkboxes are ticked for Settings --> Versioning & Synchronization --> Staging --> Client (source only).

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Brenden Kehren answered on July 18, 2018 20:45

This is most likely named in the web.config under the key: <add key="CMSStagingServerName" value="dev" />

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kyle shapiro answered on July 18, 2018 21:19

Thank you Brenden! It's funny I was looking at this value yesterday, but didn't make the connection??

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