Staging Module and Compound Primary Key Binding Classes

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Trevor Fayas asked on May 10, 2016 17:21

A bit of an advanced question, I'm creating a custom Binding class that binds two tables.

There are two options given in the linked documentation:

  • Binding class with its own primary key / identity column (recommended)
  • Binding class with a compound primary key consisting of two or more foreign keys

The later seems most applicable to the situation (joining RoleID and another table), however in the instructions it says to UNCHECK GUID and LastModifiedBy date.

This environment is in a STAGING environment. Is it possible to use the compound primary key binding and still have it operate with the staging module? I can translate the Foreign Key IDs using RegisterRecords and TranslateColumn hooks, but i don't know how it will be able to track across environments without a GUID to match.

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Roman Hutnyk answered on May 10, 2016 17:57

Trevor, not sure how it works with compound key, but I thought it might be useful for you... I have custom binding class with ID column (int) in it (which is recommended) and staging works perfectly fine with it and surprisingly it works even without RegisterRecord/TranslateColumn. This is v.8.2.

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Trevor Fayas answered on May 10, 2016 17:59

Thanks Roman, the dual binding allows for some nice UI stuff, but i can work around it. I'll try submitting this to support to get an official answer on it.

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