SQL Query working behind smart search result

Anand Dev Singh asked on September 5, 2014 09:46

Hi Team,

Can i get the SQL query which is responsible for giving the result in "Smart search result" control.

My aim is to group the site document paths for search results.

For Example. I have two pages that are Reports & Products, these pages further contains sub pages.

  1. Reports which contains 2 pages those are Report 1 (containing word "Company" on the page) & Report 2
  2. Products which also contains 2 pages those are Product 1 (containing word "Company" on the page), & Product 2 (this page also containing word "Company" on the page).
  3. Now when i search for word "Company". I need something like Reports (1 result) & Products (2 results).

Could you please help me on the same.

Thank you.

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Brenden Kehren answered on September 5, 2014 13:59

You might turn on Debugging in Settings>System and see what query is rendered when you search that page. Also, I'm not sure you will find the syntax you're looking for as the Smart Search module uses the Lucene.NET Search Engine Library and not a straight SQL Query.

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