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Nicolas Huguet-Latour asked on December 9, 2019 18:24


Do you guys have any idea if it is possible to set a property on a child object of a property class on a MVC widget?

If I take the example of SlideShowWidgetProperties in Kentico 12 training kit, all the images Guids are serialized in an array. What would I need to do to be able to add text with each of these images? Could I make a WidgetProperties object that contains multiple Slide objects containing each an image and a text field? Like this :

public class SlideshowWidgetProperties : IWidgetProperties
        public IEnumerable<Slide> Slides { get; set; } = new List<Slide>();
        [EditingComponent(TextInputComponent.IDENTIFIER, Label = "{$Widget.MediaLibraryName$}", Order = 1)]
        public string MediaLibraryName { get; set; }

        [EditingComponent(IntInputComponent.IDENTIFIER, Label = "{$Widget.Slideshow.TransitionDelay$}", Order = 2)]
        public int TransitionDelay { get; set; } = 5000;

        [EditingComponent(IntInputComponent.IDENTIFIER, Label = "{$Widget.Slideshow.TransitionSpeed$}", Order = 3)]
        public int TransitionSpeed { get; set; } = 300;

        [EditingComponent(CheckBoxComponent.IDENTIFIER, Label = "{$Widget.Slideshow.DisplayArrowSigns$}", Order = 4)]
        public bool DisplayArrowSigns { get; set; } = true;

        [EditingComponent(CheckBoxComponent.IDENTIFIER, Label = "{$Widget.Slideshow.EnforceDimensions$}", Order = 5)]
        public bool EnforceDimensions { get; set; }

        [EditingComponent(IntInputComponent.IDENTIFIER, Label = "{$Widget.Slideshow.Width$}", Order = 6)]
        public int Width { get; set; }

        [EditingComponent(IntInputComponent.IDENTIFIER, Label = "{$Widget.Slideshow.Height$}", Order = 7)]
        public int Height { get; set; }

Slide class :

public class Slide
        public Guid ImageId { get; set; }
        public string Text { get; set; }

If it's possible, I'm struggling to find how to address the properties when I create an instance of the (for example), text widget.

What should the path of the Text property look like for it to work?


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Trevor Fayas answered on December 9, 2019 20:00

You will need to create a custom Form Component that can give you an interface to edit this.

There may be a better alternative though, if you have a many item relationship that you need the Text with the images, you may be better off either...

  1. Keep it just a list of Guids, and do a lookup of the image Title that is set in the Media Library and pull that as the text
  2. Make a new page type (IMage) that points to the guid or image path, and has a text field, and then relate the Images to the current page. The Relationships Extended module will allow you to create a cleaner UI with ordering to do this, however require some setup. You can also use the default Related Pages UI if you wish and not do ordering.
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Nicolas Huguet-Latour answered on December 9, 2019 21:15 (last edited on December 9, 2019 21:16)

Hi Trevor,

Thanks for the answer.

I'm not sure I understand how a form component would help me for that... Can you expand your answer a bit?

As for the other two solutions :

  1. In my specific use case I also need to add other fields than the title. So, no luck with that.
  2. The downside of this solution (correct my if I'm wrong) is that I can only have 1 slideshow per page (since it would create a 1 to many relationship).

At this point, since Kentico doesn't allow me to easily store multiple child objects in the widget properties, I feel like the easiest way to solve it would be to :

First, allow the user to create child nodes under the page that would allow the user to create multiple slideshows. The tree would look like this :

  • Page
    • Slideshow 1
      • Slide
      • Slide
      • Slide
    • Slideshow 2
      • Slide
      • Slide
      • Slide

Second, allow the user to select the root of a slideshow as the source of the slideshow in the page builder (the "Slideshow" items in the tree). I would render the slideshow from the slides that reside under that item.

It breaks the flow of the page edition, but I don't see any easier way to do this. The added bonus would be that I can have multiple types of slides.

Do you think that would work?

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