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web dev asked on October 5, 2018 18:29

hello kentico dev i try to apply a custom web part to search for company code and i set the session and but the problem is sessiontimeout here is my code but its not working is ther any methode to set time out for session

   Session["CompanyCode"] = CompanyCode.Text;
   SessionHelper.SessionTimeout = 10;

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Zach Perry answered on October 5, 2018 18:41

What are you trying to accomplish?

Are you trying to change the timeout period? According to the documentation that property doesn't change that.

I think you have to set the timeout in the web config: <sessionState mode="InProc" timeout="5" />

Or you can do it in C#: Session.Timeout = 5; //Minutes

If you want to do the current session you should be able to do something like this: HttpContext.Current.Session.Timeout = 5;

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web dev answered on October 6, 2018 20:25

thanks Zach Perry

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