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Mark Perrotta asked on May 21, 2015 21:32

So I've configured the CMS to use s3 and cloudfront and have successfuly moved all the media to S3 via the file section of site manager. I've added all of the necessary config settings including the CMSAmazonEndPoint but I cant seem to get the actualy cloudfront URL to show up in the markup. How do I get the src urls in the served markup to point to the cloudfront endpoint?

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Filip Ligač answered on June 3, 2015 15:11 (last edited on June 3, 2015 15:11)

Hello Mark,

When you upload a media file to the library and you have the storage configured to Amazon S3 and utulize Amazon CloudFront at the same time, you can reference the images through their Direct path link which can be found in Media libraries application when you click on a certain image and has a format like this:

http://<my CDN><site name>/media/<library name>/<image file name>.jpg

Best regards,

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Jonas Krummenacher answered on December 6, 2015 15:47

There are a number of Kentico CDN plugins available that take care of the CDN integration and will change the URLs accordingly.

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