Server-side REST service integration

Yang Wen asked on September 14, 2015 23:19

Is there an out of the box web part that can be configured to pull data from a JSON REST service?

We have an internal REST service that our Kentico back-end can resolve. We would like a server-side client to call this service instead of client-side logic.

In version 8.1 We have used the XML datasource web part with success against an XML based service. However there doesn't seem to be anything for a JSON data source

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Brenden Kehren answered on September 14, 2015 23:36

Check out Marketplace. Avastone Technologies has created a pretty sweet webpart combination that works really well.

Webpart to API
Function Caller

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Yang Wen answered on September 15, 2015 00:05 (last edited on September 15, 2015 00:06)

Brenden, do you mean to use Functiona Caller and write a custom client code for the REST service, and then wrap an API layer around it using the Webpart to API piece?

Just to clarify, we're only looking to inject some data from a REST service into a page before being sent to the client. It would be a great if some existing web part can be configured with the REST endpoint and then render the response of the REST service into the page via transform.

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