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Gregg Duncan asked on March 3, 2014 17:10

We would like to send a one-time email blast to all contacts that participated in an event from the previous year. Is there some way to select a list of contacts or contact group and just send an email. The only way we could find to do this was to create a Newsletter for the purpose. Is there an easier way?

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Vita Janecek answered on March 5, 2014 01:56

Hi Gregg, sending one-time emails is on our roadmap and will be part of next versions. Currently there is no other easy way apart from newsletters you've already mentioned. I'd also suggest you to submit ideas on improvements to or to vote for existing ideas. Thank you Vita Janecek Online marketing Product owner

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Victor Hugo Garcia answered on March 5, 2014 15:51

The only way is to perform the foreach against the list of contacts and send one by one on this current version: Kentico 7

Just take care on this.. sometimes there are some emails that are sent late... not sure why... :)

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