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Muhammad Zulkamal Zulkifli asked on February 25, 2014 20:29

Hye, i have a question about the CMS.Article.

I need to developed a website which i will use the CMS.Article document type. The question is in the searching article, how would i implement the advance searching for a range date article created like :

Range Date : 10/10/2013 - 10/10/2014

Question 1 Is it possible to have a multiple TextBox : - Search word, Range Date 1, Range Date 2 ..?

Question 2 I have found the kentico search for DateTime need to have value on this format "DocumentCreatedWhen:[20140126100739 TO 20140326100739]" How would i change the TextBox Range Date "10/10/2013 - 10/10/2014" to value with time..?

How do i implement this advance search in kentico.? Please advice .. Thanks.

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Brenden Kehren answered on February 26, 2014 06:39

Have you checked out the good discussion here?

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Roman Koníček answered on March 3, 2014 05:27


For this purpose you could use simply SearchDialogWithResults web part + two SmartSearchFilter web parts (dateFrom, dateTo). In this specific case you should set Filter mode property to textbox. Then open the properties of the SearchDialogWithResults web part, and set Search condition property to: +DocumentCreatedWhen:[{%dateFrom|(tosearchdatetime)%} TO {%dateTo|(tosearchdatetime)%}]. That should do the trick.

Best Regards, Roman Konicek

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