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Angela Forgan asked on September 25, 2019 03:59

Hi I am not a developer but administer our websites. Site A uses Kentico CMS version 8.2. For this site, the search will only find web pages in the search results, not any of the documents. This is extremely frustrating for our users.

On another site - Site B - which uses Kentico CMS version 10.0, the search results find pages and documents.

For Site A, how do I get documents (which are not uploaded as attachments) to display in the search results? Can I use the page tags, under Properties/Metadata? Or do I need a developer to reconfigure the search function to find documents?

Thanks for any help you can give me. Angela

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Brenden Kehren answered on September 25, 2019 05:12

The location you're looking is correct. You don't need to be a developer, just curious enough to click a few buttons.

When you go to the Smart Search app, click the pencil icon on the index and look at the analyzer type. Then click on the content tab and look at the page types and locations included in the index. Compare them on both sites.

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Brenden Kehren answered on September 25, 2019 04:17


This all depends on how the search index is setup. I'd suggest looking at the documentation for both versions, which should be very similar, and then making adjustments based on that.

You could also compare both search indexes and each environment and see how they differ. If you go to the smart search app you'll be able to see what type of index it is and what types of pages it is indexing. My guess is your older version doesn't have all of the page types indexed or has certain pads excluded from the search.

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Angela Forgan answered on September 25, 2019 05:06

Hi Brendan

Thanks so much for responding and for your suggestions. I have been looking at the documentation this morning and trying to understand exactly what to do. I have looked under Configuration/Smart Search/Indexes and trying to gauge what is setup.

Not being a developer makes it a little difficult as I'm not sure I understand everything that well.

Where do I find the smart search app? Is this the Smart Search as I've described above or something different?

Thanks Angela

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Angela Forgan answered on September 25, 2019 06:24

Hi Brenden

Thanks again for responding again. I actually did that this morning before going on to Kentico dev. Site A has Analyzer type as 'White Space" and Site B has Analyzer type as "Starts with". However, these are fairly meaningless to me.

Two different web developer companies set up these sites so I wasn't expecting them to necessarily be the same. But I have no idea of what I can control/change on Site A to improve the search parameters.


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Brenden Kehren answered on September 25, 2019 16:25

Lets back up here. I'm assuming you are using a "Pages" Index Type on both sites. So if that's wrong, please correct me.

Secondly, take a look at the documentation specifically where it talks about Analyzer Types. You stated one is "White space" and the other is "Starts with". If you read what each type is defined as you'll see the white space type will look at each individual character (includeing white spaces). The starts with type will look the group of characters searched for and match the group vs. individual characters. This difference alone will yield much different results with each site.

Thirdly, you need to review the "Allowed" and "Not Allowed" content on the site. This is where you define what is included and excluded from the index. It could be as simple as saying the whole site (/%) is included BUT only Menu Item page types. OR it could give a specific path you want to EXCLUDE with a given page type.

Event though they are different versions, the functionality and features for Smart Search are nearly identical across those versions.

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Angela Forgan answered on October 3, 2019 02:20

Hi Brendan

Sorry I only work on this one day a week so have come back to your answers today.

I've read through the documentation as you suggested and it was quite helpful. I've sent your feedback onto the full-time administrator/web developer to consider. We don't have a dev site only prod, so he can decide whether to try changing the Analyzer type, etc. on prod!!

Thanks again, for your insight which sheds more light on the search.

Angela Forgan

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