Search results show "Results # - # of #" at top of search results

Ryan Elliott asked on December 3, 2018 21:10

I have a smart search results web part on my search page, and I need to display the results count at the top of the results.

Example: Results 1-10 of 38

Correct Answer

Ryan Elliott answered on December 3, 2018 23:18

This has been resolved: the macro that did it is as follows.

Results <%# Eval("FirstOnPage")%> - <%# Eval("LastOnPage") %> of <%# Eval("Items")%>

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Recent Answers

Rui Wang answered on December 3, 2018 21:25

The out of box web part doesn't show that format but the paging, so maybe you have a custom search results web part. You can go to the ascx user control and change the position of the UniPager to before the results.

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