Roles - (global) or per site?

Tim Chalklen asked on June 26, 2014 10:48

Is there "best practice" for establishing roles? We have a client site which is likely to remain just one site for a while, but they may expand in future and licence more sites. I set the initial user roles up against the (global) site to get them in and editing content but the "out of the box" roles appear against the specific site, not (global). Should I set up CMS Editors, CMS Approvers and other custom roles for the project against the specific site or all as (global)?

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Bill Tran answered on June 27, 2014 09:27

You would want to stick with convention.

Any role specific to a site should not be global even though it'll only be one site. This is for scalability, just in case your client would want to add additional sites to the system.

If you only have one site now, moving the roles as global will not benefit you because there is no point. I would worry about it when the time comes.

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