Replacing Kentico's SmartSearch

Yang Wen asked on February 4, 2016 01:08

I know SmartSearch is based on Lucene and so is Solr. However Solr as an API layer has much more features that SmartSearch lacks.

We've just started to explore Solr for a unified search platform for our Kentico site and other sources. However so far I've been so impressed by Solr that I'm thinking of replacing our usage of SmartSearch with Solr, even accounting for all the extra indexing and integration work it would require.

Did a quick search on kentico + solr and have not found too much info. Has anyone successfully used Solr as a search solution for a kentico managed site?

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Brenden Kehren answered on February 4, 2016 04:48

You might also send this question to Kentico Support and the may be able to provide you with some information.

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