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Tom Troughton asked on March 25, 2015 15:25

I'm looking into the ASPX+portal model for the first time. I've followed the documentation and created a master page and template. I've registered the template OK, then tried to create a site to start using it. However, one part of creating the site requests that I select a master page template. I therefore assumed I needed to register the master page too, but in the Page templates application when I tried to register it I was told the .master extension was not allowed.

Does this mean if I create a site targeting the ASPX+portal dev model I must start with a portal master page which is never used?

I realise there are people who'll want to tell me to only use the portal model so please for now consider this a conceptual question!

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Filip Ligač answered on April 13, 2015 15:54

Hello Nat,

It is quite the opposite. If you want to use both portal and ASPX templates, you need to start with an ASPX master page (.master file). A detailed guide about how to create a shared ASPX master page for both portal and ASPX templates can be found in this documentation section - Using both ASPX and portal templates on a single site

One thing which keeps me curious is where exactly did you get the error saying the .master extension was not allowed? Was it in the Kentico administration interface and its "Page templates" application or in a Visual Studio when you were creating the physical file?

Best regards,

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