Recreate Send Queue Scheduled Task

Greg Whitehead asked on April 21, 2016 22:53

So I have found that within scheduled tasks within the system that the process email queue has been deleted. What are the proper settings to recreate this task so it can be run on a regular basis?

Edit: Currently running v7.0.79

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Brenden Kehren answered on April 21, 2016 23:12

You can do a few things:

  • Check in the Recycle Bin to see if you can restore it. CMSSiteManager>Administration>Recycle Bin
  • Manually recreate it. Take a look at the screenshots below. The key is to get the Assembly name and Class name correct.

Image Text

Image Text

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Greg Whitehead answered on April 21, 2016 23:23 (last edited on April 21, 2016 23:57)

Thank you, That was a couple of choices but I liked the manually create. As for some reason there was nothing in the recycle bin.

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