ReCAPTCHA code not displaying error message when entered incorrectly

Megan Swan asked on March 3, 2016 02:50

Hi all

We've recently added a reCAPTCHA code to our contact form and it works, but it won't display an error message when the captcha code is entered incorrectly (it just refreshes). Any idea how we can get an error message to display?

Thanks :)

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Trevor Fayas answered on March 3, 2016 14:04

Two possibilities, are you using a Custom Form and forgot to add the Validation key to the form? (something like $$recaptcha:validation$$ or whatever the syntax is).

Second, what do you have for the captcha's error message in the FIELD tab of the form? Did you try adding one of those?

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Megan Swan answered on March 4, 2016 02:56

Thanks Trevor, we'd just forgotten the validation key on the custom form :)

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