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simon metz asked on February 3, 2017 16:23

I will be working on a project where enterprise customers will need to be authenticated into a kentico B2B portal. They will arrive from an Enterprise Procurement system, such as Oracle JDE or Ariba. Has anyone used PunchOut to get users into kentico. The authentication and data is normally sent in an XML payload using the cXML Protocol.

I'm thinking I could use the kentico API or a .NET micro service to intercept the XMP payload, parse the XML for UserID and any parameters ( would might be brands and or products that the user can order from) and then use SSO to log the user into Kentico. Would appreciate any thoughts on experience on this

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Development Support Avastonetech answered on February 3, 2017 17:47 (last edited on February 3, 2017 17:47)

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Trevor Fayas answered on February 3, 2017 17:47

You can, via the API, log someone in with only a username. In Kentico 7 it was:

CMSContext.AuthenticateUser(TheUserName, true); You'll have to look at what it was for whatever version you are using. The rest will be up to you, just make sure you make it secure and hidden as you can theoretically log in as the admin if you trick it to have "TheUserName" be the administrator account.

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