Possible reasons for occurrences of page return is not display the content(blank page)

duy luu asked on June 11, 2018 09:23

Hi, I have a problem with the result page after submit form. Instead of display the content user put in the form, it is display the blank page.I did not know what the error was because it was not written in "event log" on CMS. So, how can i detemine when to return a blank page or does anyone know what causes can lead to a blank page? I have tried some case and only know one error return a blank page when the page has not applied the page template on CMS. I hope people can give me suggestions to find the reasons that can cause this error to be able to create the best solution.Thanks!!

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Brenden Kehren answered on June 11, 2018 10:00

Is this a smart search page? Meaning are you using the Smart Search index and webpart(s) to display your content? If so, make sure your webpart has the "search on each page load". Most likely the postback is causing it to not search or display your results IF it is a smart seach page.

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Rui Wang answered on June 11, 2018 23:23

Are you talking about a Online Form? What is your setting for the post back action after form submit? You can find it in the General tab of the form.

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duy luu answered on June 13, 2018 09:30

Thanks for your responses. I will try to describe in more detail about our case so that you can comment on the cause of the problem.I continue to have challenges with our Kentico site. It is not a form or content site, more of a Merchant Site. So what happens is the customer goes through the process of purchasing something and at the end when things are ready, they are suppose to client the purchase button. I check everything with a couple of 3rd parties and then I send a success page and a can't process page. The can't process page because your payment was not sufficient is returning blank. The customer does not see why they did not succeed and are left confused as to what happened. I know of this because they are contacting the Merchant Store. Additionally, I are not able to capture this event as it does not show up in a Log and I are not able to recreate this event since it only happens on the live site. I did confirm that if you have two browsers open and push go at the dame time, there is a blank page that gets published. (I have since rectified that issue and are patching.) But I are unsure that will solve the problem since most people are not running two browsers and trying to submit the same thing twice. Thanks!I hope to receive help from you

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Rui Wang answered on June 14, 2018 17:45

What version and hotfix are you on? Does the cart empty itself so the process doesn't go through? Is there web farm and load balancer used?

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