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Suneel Jhangiani asked on September 15, 2020 15:46

I'm fairly new to MVC although I have a good deal of experience of the Portal Development model. Obviously a big change is understanding the Routing models used in the MVC architecture and hence with this in mind I was wondering if anyone has some suggestions on how to implement Paging in terms of UI navigation.

As it is the way forward, I have been looking at the Xperience 13 Beta which includes Content Tree based routing, and hence looking towards practices that would suit that. In particular I am looking for best practices for generating the UI links and in both a full round trip as well as Ajax.

I haven't looked at the previous versions of the Dancing Goat MVC site, but the Beta 3 site does not appear to have paging implemented anywhere.

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Trevor Fayas answered on September 17, 2020 16:13


yeah you do have to handle paging yourself in MVC, however the library X.PagedList.MVC seems to work really well and is pretty easy to use.

You can see the Github and download the nuget, here's the examples

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